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Related post: CHAP. XLI. — An Act Buy Purim for the Prevention of Blindness.
Section 1. Should any midwife or nurse having charge of
an infant in this State, notice that one or both ejes of such in-
fant are inflamed or reddened at any time within two weeks
after its birth, it shall be the duty of such midwife or nurse so
having charge of such infant, to report the fact in writing,
within six hours, to the health officer or some legally qualified
practitioner of medicine, of the city, town, or district in which
the parents of the infant reside.
Seo. 2. Any failure to comply with the provisions of this act
shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars,
or Order Purim Online imprisonment not to exceed six months, or both.
Sec. 3. This act shall take efTect on the first of September,
eighteen hundred and ninety.
When it is impossible to place the case in other hands,
one can easily refer to the text-books for treatment, which
consists of antiseptic washes, iced compresses, nitrate of
silver, and the like, which I can not here describe in detail. Purchase Purim Online
A disease of similar nature and one which no physician can
ever afford to disregard, alike for his own safety and that
of his patient, is gonorrhoea! ophthalmia.
When an eye is inoculated with gonorrhoeal pus, an
inflammation of frightful intensity follows. In some in-
stances an eye may be lost in twenty-four hours, and, even
with the most careful treatment, there is always grave dan-
ger to vision. This should never be forgotten when a case
of gonorrhoea is treated, and the physician should take the
utmost care to protect himself and should warn his patients.
Oases are not infrequent where innocent persons are infect-
ed with this disease from public towels and the like, and it
is our duty to instruct our clients to avoid such criminal
carelessness as will endanger others, and to decry the inex-
cusable practice of using such dangerous articles in the
tiMlet as those found in any public place.
Glaucoma, too, is a disease which the student should be
taught to be on the lookout for and against which he should
be warned. Many an attack of acute glaucoma has been
allowed to go on to hopeless blindness without an effort
being made for its relief, because it was believed to be a bil-
ious attack. It is not always easy to test the tension of an
inflamed eye, but when a patient, who seems to be suffer-
ing from what would ordinarily pass for a bilious attack, is
found to have an inflamed and painful eye, the possibility
of glaucoma should be always kept in mind. It may be
added in this connection that it is, as a rule, dangerous to
use atropine in patients Buy Purim Online over forty, as it is believed to some-
times precipitate an attack of glaucoma.
We should likewise emphasize the fact that there is
such a disease as .sympathetic o])hthalraia. We can not
hope to enable every student to recognize the disease, but
we can teach him that when one eye is injured, especially
should that injury affect the ciliary body, or should a for-
eign body be located in the globe, there is always danger
that the fellow-eye will be affected, Purim Online and that it will often
become the more Order Purim hopelessly blind of the two. Again, when
the patient has an eye which has been lost through some
previous injury, should this eye, even though reduced to a
mere stump, be tender on pressure, it is a menace to the
sound eye, and it is a safe supposition that any irritation
arising in the sound Purchase Purim eye under such conditions is the begin-
ning of sympathetic ophthalmia.
In strumous children eye diseases are of frequent occur-
rence. In these cases it should be remembered that attention
to the general nutrition is of the highest importance. A
strict regulation of diet is imperative. We usually find that
these little sufferers are given pie, cake, candies, tea, and cof-
fee, to the exclusion of more wholesome food. The effects
of such a diet are obvious. They are allowed to spend most
of their time indoors, where, as a rule, the surroundings are
most unhygienic, and, if left to themselves, they will select
the darkest and most unsavory corner of this retreat, where
they will spend the entire day with the head buried in the
pillow. When it is necessary to take them out. as for their
visit to the doctor, the eyes are tightly bandaged, and in
the class of patients which I have in mind — namely, those
seen at the public clinic — the preference is usually given by
the parents to the thickest, wooliest, and dirtiest material
at hand for a bandage. The bandages should be removed
and the patient be Buy Cheap Purim sent into the fresh air; this, with a ra-
tional diet and the administration of some tonics as for
example, the iodide of iron — will do as much as local treat-
ment, often more, to relieve the patient.
One of the most important points relative to diseases of
the eye which the general practitioner is frequently called
upon to decide is whether, in any given case, .some error of
refraction or anomaly of the ocular muscles is the exciting
cause of headache or some reflex nervous symptom. That

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