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Seroquel Xr

Related post: treatment could be given it perse. In other words, it would
be a symptom of some lesion or trouble outside the one called
stricture. Secondly, he believed that, from the anatomical con-
struction of the rectum, it would be utterly impossible for its
lumen to Seroquel 50 be so constricted by spasmodic contraction of its
muscular fibers as to be perceptible as an obstruction. In all
his examinations of this part of Seroquel 200 the gut he had never seen a
spasmodic contraction that could 100mg Seroquel be called a stricture.
2. Dysenteric. — Although it was frequently stated that dys-
entery was a common cause of stricture Seroquel Online of the rectum, he had
never seen a case that convinced him of the truth of the state-
ment or that it was a cause at all. He Seroquel 100 had many limes seen
patients who gave him a history of having had dysentery, and
who were treateting in the bowel, by the reparative pro-
cess healed and left cicatricial tissue, and that the stricture was
the result of the cicatrix, and not of plastic infiltration of the
tissue. But there could have been no cicatrization if there had
been no inflammatory process. If he were asked what was the
prime cause of stricture of the rectum, he 50 Mg Seroquel would answer, In-
flammation. What caused the inflammation in many cases he
did not know, but, ordinarily, it was syphilis, cancer, or trauma
— if by trauma was meant a wound or Seroquel Mg lesion Seroquel 25 Mg from Seroquel 25 any or many
causes. Outside of the two tirst named, cancer and syphilis,
he was satisfied that no one could tell the cause that originated
the stricture. He wished to reiterate that, outside of these two
well-recognized causes for stricture of the rectum, he was not
prepared to 25 Mg Seroquel admit any other as a well-known, recognized, indis-
putable cause.
After elaborating the points in the diagnosis and pathology
of stricture, the speaker went on to deal with the question of
treatment, premisin'g that he should adhere in the strictest
sense to the pathological condition — namely, a stricture. This
entirely Seroquel 50 Mg ruled out the treatment of proctitis or the subsequent
ulceration, which was one cause of stricture, and brought him
directly to the means of treating that which was the result of
said causes. It must be granted that many times ulcerations
which would otherwise Seroquel 100 Mg end in stricture were cured before that
condition resulted. This could not hold in cancer, and possibly
not in syphilis. The methods practiced to-day for treating strict- Seroquel 300
ure of Purchase Seroquel the rectum were: first, dilatation; second, incision; third,
electrolysis and raclage; fourth, excision; fifth, colotomy. Of
course, under the division he had made, Buy Seroquel general treatment was
ruled out, and the gradual dilatation of the stricture was objec-
tionable for the reason that hy this form of repeated irritation
more plasma was thrown out and the striclured surface in- Seroquel Buy
creased. It might be true that some temporary relief was
afforded, but upon the contraction of the tissue more was lost
than bad been gained. Cheap Seroquel He did not hold the view that by the
passing of bougies through the strictured surface absorption of
the tissue 50mg Seroquel was caused, but believed that the converse was true.
Why forcible divulsion was seldom ai)plicable in these cases he
could not understand. If a Seroquel Xr fibrous stricture existed, forcible
May 9, 1891.]
divulsion was the best method. To-day we did not fearhsemor-
rhage, because we understood how to control it. He was very
positive, then, Seroquel 50mg in saying that, if dilatation of a stricture of the
rectum was decided upon, it should be a forcible and a radical
one. He was very partial to incision or incisions for the relief

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