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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 19:48:27 GMT
From: Blake Alexander
Subject: Tales of the New Phoenix: My Immortal chapter 3Legal Disclaimer:
As posted in chapter 1 of My Immortal.News from the Author: Well, I've illegal pedo kiddy
been pedo kids young nude sick. I hate being sick. How about
all of y'all? Ok, on to next point. One person e-mailed me. Is only one
person reading? I mean, I know I have only a few people that think I'm a ok
writer, but hearing from you makes me want to write more. It incest pedo links drives me
harder to update. So... pedo barely please, e-mail me. Posted at the bottom, bellow
the chapter, will be titles of the other stories in the Tales
Universe. Check them out, they rock!My Immortal
Chapter 3: The Sway of Time "Hey Blake, you wanna hang out after my set tonight?" Jason was
pulling on his tight leather pants. He managed to do it with grace and
ease. Jason happened to be a lycanthrope, more specifically a werewolf,
which seems to go hand in hand pedo kds xxx real with super human grace.
"No thanks Jason, little boy pedo photos I'm best free pedo site
just going to go home." I said.
Jason came over with a gliding walk that screamed inhuman. No where
as good as the Vampires that worked here, but better than any human. "You
need to get over him." He said pointing to my ring.
"Jason, I have warned you time and time again," I stood up and dead
faced him. I gave very good dead, blank, face. "don't push this Jason. You
will make me pedo ilegal sex
angry, and you do not want to make me angry."
"Man, the only people I know who can make their face go blank as
fast as you are either Vampires, or the people Vampires fear." He top pedo kds pic
backing away.
I sat back down on the child pedo free link bench pedo illegal porno that was set in front of my locker. I
just reached back in and started pulling little boy pedo top
the things I needed for tonight
"Blake... what are you?" Jason asked. I had known Jason since I
started at Guilty Pleasures. Almost every night since then I got onto the
stage and danced, using my telekinetic powers to strip away my clothing and
put on a good show.
"I'm a human Jason. A human pedochild sexteens with the power to move things with my
mind and cast feelings among people." I didn't look at him as I said it.
"I know a human when I smell it, and you're not human." He turned
and walked away. I looked into my locker, inside was a CD.
I pulled it out and looked at the cover. It was the newest CD by
BT. Josh had worked on it. Two tracks had him singing. I listened to it
constantly, religiously. I couldn't wait for Josh's new solo CD that Jive
kept stalling on releasing. I was, essentially, a teeny bopper. I scoured
the stores for anything tot pedo porn about Josh and would save it in pedophilie photos
a scrap book.
I went to Josh once, last year, and found him with a man. Actually,
I found him with me. The me from this universe, going by the name Benjamin
Alexander. What a difference a universe makes.
Benjamin is a psychic, dealing with telepathy only. movie pedo illegal russia
They have a
home together in San Jose, preten pedo pics of course keeping it secret, and are getting
married in three months.
I sat back and thought for a minute, back to the night I got
here. I couldn't remember anything from before the tunnel except speaking
with Josh and telling him I had to go. My memories are scattered and
fragmented for the week before that. Since merging with 13 yo pedo
the Phoenix Force
my memory had become photographic. I could literally remember every moment
I was awake, and also asleep. But since that vampire woman attacked me, it
was almost human normal.
But Josh, I remembered everything about him. What I couldn't
remember is why I felt so pedo child sites compelled to be here pedo free movies
in Saint Louis.
Once again this dragged me free pedo porn galleries
through the muddle that was my
memories. Getting to this world, the trip to Saint Lewis, and my pedofilia free sex movies first few
nights without Josh. And the dream. In my Phoenix uniform, looking pedo sexo
onto the
shore of our beach, hearing cam pedo him sing a pedo anime sex haunting melody. He appeared before
me, a ghost of himself, and I wanted top 69 pedo
to die. I was frozen in place, and
then pedo fuck incest he faded away.
I cleared my head and began donning my outfit for tonight's
performance. I was trying something new, that I had thought of flipping
through the channels and landing on, of all things, a cheerleading
competition. One of the pedo yuong porno girls had ups pedo
a Ribbon Wand and was dancing around with
it, and it inspired alt pedo sex stories me. I took out of my bag about forty chrome blue rolls
of ribbon and checked the door to the changing room. It was shut, and with
a thought pedofilia picture xxx it was locked. I stood and dissipated my clothes and began
winding the ribbon around me. Within kinder pedo cp moments I was donning a suit of chrome
blue ribbon, and it was all connected into a single piece. The ribbon being
about an inch and a half wide, I looked pedo sexo kids like a freakish mummy. I walked
over to a mirror and looked at my self. With a smile I changed my hair
color to a shining metallic blue. I pedo ukrainian had kept the long hair, and loved how
its length caught the light around me. It reached to my shoulders. I added
some blue sparkles around my eyes, and made my irises an iridescent
blue. If anyone asked, they were contacts. But in the lighting of the club
they would shine like cats eyes. I couldn't think of anything else to do,
so I made for the door and my set. "And now to sooth your tensions, and bring a sense of completion to
your nights, here is Blake Alexander."
I didn't much care for the introduction, but them I didn't think
that having Willie McCoy in charge for the night was the best idea
ever. The stage lighting came up slowly as the song started. It pedo portals had a
simple beat and was easy to move to. I used my powers to make sure the
ribbon stayed in place, and let my body move without any limitations. It
moved like spandex, and caught the lights with a brilliant shine. Then I
kicked my powers in. At my right ankle the ribbon began to spin off of me,
following around my leg at a high speed nude pedo girls boys until my leg was naked. It looked
like a snake unwinding from a branch, but faster and russian pedo cp longer. The ribbon
then went down me left leg to the ankle and back up again. I couldn't hear
the crowd, but could xxx pedo galleries
sense the hunger from the women and the shock petite videos pedo at what
they were seeing. I moved to the music, and let the ribbon just flow off of
It was free pedo incest pictures really easy to just let it all happen. Then I spotted Anita
Blake. She was walking towards the office and glanced at me. I could sense
her shock over japanese pedo sites my eyes, and also seeing my powers. She stopped and just
watched. My left arm was now bare, and the ribbon was now unraveling from
my torso. I went back to focusing forum pedo naked
on my dance and impressing the women. The
song was about half over and I was still on time, though Anita showing up
had thrown my attention for a loop. The ribbon was now dancing high above
my head as I began to spin bellow it, pedo baby fuck links
moving in time with the beat. It
finally finished unraveling from around my shoulders and I raised my right
arm up as if in offering. It quickly unraveled leaving me in a small thong
and kiddy pedo pussy gallery nothing more. I moved towards the stage pedo orgasm edge, the cloud of ribbon
following above head. The women then stood up and started screaming my name
rushing the stage. The ones young pedo fuck vids that had been to my shows before threw money
towards me pedo art pic and I started plucking it into the air with my powers and sent
it up to dance amongst the ribbon. Those who were new soon followed suit. I
just danced there, hands exploring my chest and thighs. The song cp pedo illegal pics
its climax and I young pedo list threw my hands upwards russian pedo kiddi sex and the ribbon exploded into
sparkling dust. It fell in a fog around me and I used pedo boys nude pic my powers to pull it
all tight to my body, making it into a solid suit of sparkles.
I pulled all the money towards me and let pics pedo nude tgp it dance around me as illegal pedo mom pics the
song ended. I turned and walked off the stage, into the wings, with one
last glance at Anita. She was whispering urgently to Willie McCoy as I
disappeared from view. The background music that played between dancers
came on. I got home quickly enough. I locked up my Jetta and headed up to my
third floor apartment. I had moved since getting here. The place
Jean-Claude set me up with was great, but this one gave me private access
to the roof. Yes, I used my powers to help me get it, but I needed it to go
up and release my powers every once in a while.
Every couple days I would walk up to the roof, change into my
Phoenix uniform, and fly up into low orbit. I would pedo 14yr then release the
Phoenix and fly for a while. It's a good way to release the pent up tension
I have. Too bad I couldn't do it pedo nude girl tonight.
I sat down at my desk and opened my cupboard to the side of it. I
pulled out the dusty volume I had been studying. The cover was made of
demon skin, the pages from vampire. The text dated back to 1025 BCE and had
no distinguishing marks. A pedofilia sex porno cult of demon worshipers wrote it and within it
placed all their mystical knowledge.
It wasn't the rarest thing in my secret library. I had mystical
texts from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and England. A total of
thirty texts photos free kids pedo from 20 civilizations. I searched them out, and used my powers
to obtain them. All of them gave mention to forming portals to other
realms, but none illegal boy pedo that matched mine.
I turned on the news and went about reading. My head perked at
mention of something.
"Officials remark that the giant creature is not any known species
of bird or dragon. It can be seen in low orbit usually, but has been known
to fly towards the Earths Surface. Air traffic has been ordered to steer
clear of the creature as it is unknown if it is dangerous."
I laughed and went back to reading. It was dee desi pedo almost scary how quickly
the pedo sex free Phoenix learned to read the languages. Then again, the Phoenix Force is
capable of manipulating matter on a subatomic pedo lola porno level, what's little girl pedo daughter a couple dead
languages? I was awoken asian pedo files the next pedo funlumpkins toplist morning by my doorbell. I scanned who it was
and found the person blocked. I let a puzzled expression float across my
face and stood up. iligal pedo porn I walked towards the door, creating clothes on me as I
moved, and checked the peephole to photos in pedofili fucking
find the hall empty. I scanned it again
and found a person standing to the photo pedo land sites right, but beyond that nothing.
"Who is teen pedo lola it?" I asked.
Yeah, UPS is always holding a psychic shield up.
"Just a moment, I'm not dressed." I shouted back through the pedo cp kdz door.
Then the bullets started. I erected a force field virgin teen pedo around me little tits pedo
pointed my hand at the door. I sent a force of telekinetic strength at the
wood. The door buckled and sent a rain of wood splinters pedo galleries 2005
at the guy. A
large chunk pinned him to the wall across the hall, but he kept firing.
I walked to him, telekinetic shield flashing from the bullet
impacts, and took the gun from his hand. He was wearing a ceramic mask,
black and white tux, and shall over his head. The suit was in tatters, and
the mask cracked. The thing that surprised me was the large piece of door
through kinder porno pedo his chest, and lack of blood.
"Seraphine knows of you Fire Demon." The man said. "She has tasted
of you and wants more. She is coming for your master, and your powers."
I pulled the mask off the man and gasped.
He was a Sex porn anal pedo zombie. Three hours later I was sitting in my living room with a cup of
coffee, and the Spook Squad. The Regional Preternatural Investigation Team,
also known as RPIT (pronounced Rip-It), they alt binaries pedo took care of all the mystical
crap that happened. From what I'd heard, the cops that don't play well with
others can end up on this squad.
Sergeant Rudolph Storr is a very baby rompl pics pedo
large imposing man. He looked at
me for the hundredth time and asked the same question. "How did the door
get broken?"
"I've told you, I used my powers. They lashed out when he started
firing." pedos world pics I couldn't think of a better explanation, and was hoping to avoid
using my psychic powers.
"Ok, and how is it you avoided getting shot?" He asked.
"I don't know, I guess I'm lucky. Listen, I don't know why someone
would send a zombie to shoot me up. I don't know why this is happening. All
I know is that it is." I said exasperated.
"Hey Dolph?" Someone called from behind me.
"What is it Zebrowski?" Sergeant Storr asked.
"You should take a look at this." He said. I turned around and
found him holding list of pedo films
one of my mystical texts.
"Bloody Hell." I said. I did what I had been avoiding. I stood up
and let my eyes light up. I found that having them lit focused my psychic
powers. I did a mind hold on all the cops, and implanted the suggestion
that I was innocent and unsuspicious. I then wiped all memory of the little nude girl pedo
and used my telekinetic powers to send the one Zerbrowski was free pedo pics xxx holding to
the cupboard. I then planted illegal pedo pics 16 the suggestion to overlook the cupboard.
I had best pedo sex just finished my mind trick when I sensed someone coming
towards the apartment. I turned and knew I was in for it. "Hello
Ms. Blake."
"I have told you repeatedly to refer to me as Anita, not
Ms. Blake." She said without a smile. She, by far, was one of the most
difficult people I had ever had to deal with.
"Glad you could make it Anita, we saved the corpse for you."
Sergeant pron pedo
Storr said.
"I noticed Dolph, kinda hard to miss a tuxedo clad Zombie that is
pinned to the wall outside." She said. 3d pedo incest
"What happened?"
I sighed then told the story for the millionth time. Anita stood
still for a moment, and then walked out into the hall. We followed her, and
watched as she just stood there. kiddy porn pedo sites
I could suddenly felt a wave of cool
energy flow from her. It danced about me and made me gasp. It seemed to
have the same effect on Anita, pedo fuck home pic
as she spun young 69 child pedo around to face me.
"Anita," Dolph said moving towards her. "what is it? What's wrong?"
"Nothing Dolph, nothing. The zombie is dead." She said turning back
to the corpse. I began pulling in my pedo girl land powers as tight as I could. I locked
myself down in the hopes sex pedofilia fre of avoiding what had just happened.
"Obviously Anita..." Dolph started.
"No, it's dead even to me. This corpse could be buried two inches
bellow me and I wouldn't sense it. It's nothing to me. I've never come
across a dead body I couldn't sense." She said. She turned back to me and
looked at me carefully. The cops were at my place for several hours after that. They
searched, always avoiding my locked cupboard, and kept asking the same
questions. Anita stayed on the scene, examining the corpse, looking at the
door, and finally settled in to just watch me. The dead zombie, if that
isn't a oxymoron, was lollita pedo video
taken out front and burned. The cops began to file
out, until all that was left was Sergeant Storr, Anita, and me.
"Mr. Alexander, we will be in touch as soon as we find out any
information on this thing." I nodded, and he left.
"Now Blake, I know we haven't gotten to know one another well since
you got here, but extreme pedoland 2004
I can help you." I just looked at her, and could sense
her wanting to help me.
"I don't think you can." I said sitting down on my couch.
She walked around and sat down. Her pedofilia xxx vids
Browning High Power hand gun
flashed me from under her coat. "Try me."
I took a deep breath pedo tops and decided how much to tell her. "Something
wants me. The zombie said that Seraphine is coming for my master and pedo sex movies links my
She looked at me blank. "What did it mean by your master?"
"I don't know. I guess it meant Jean-Claude. He has been a big help
in my life pedo gay boys
since I got to Saint Louis." I ran my newsgroups pedo sites hands through my long
hair. "I don't want anything to happen nude teen girl pedo to him."
"Blake, what is the extent of your powers?" she asked. That is the
question I was hoping to avoid.
"I would rather not get into lo pedo tgp that." I said.
"In time Anita. I can't explain it now, but it could be very
dangerous information to share. Both for you and for me." She nodded. We
talked some more, and she gave me some tips, and agreed that we both should
meet with Jean-Claude that night. Then she left.
I walked to my shattered door, shook my head, and walked to my
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