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From: Greg
Subject: More is Better ch 21More is BetterBy: Photo Guy (
Story Consultant: Drew
Editor and Proofreader: JereThe author copyrights this story, with permission for posting on the Nifty
Archive. It may not be copied to another website without prior permission
from underground pedo gateways the author.This is a fictional story ... any similarities to actual people, places,
events or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay
sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the
reading enjoyment of people who aren't offended by material of this type!
If you are underage, or this type of material is illegal teen 15 pedo where you live,
please leave now.***Special thanks to Steve for his help with the facts of the roundup.***Thanks to everyone who emailed me after the last chapter. What with the
changes in my life over the past couple of months, finding the time to
write is more difficult. However, I'm committed to doing the best I can
for my readers. I hope you continue to enjoy the story! Why don't you
send me an email if you do?*** Character List ***The FamilyTim: Dad of Chris and Kaiden; lover of JoshJosh: Lover of Tim; owner of J bar A ranchChris: 15 year old brother of Kaiden; boyfriend of TylerKaiden: 13 year old brother of ChrisRyan: 13 year old foster child of JoshTyler: 16 year old son of Ben and Tina; pedo teen fuck
boyfriend of ChrisBen: Dad of TylerTina: Mom of TylerTheir FriendsCole: 19 year old lover of RyanEric: 13 year old foster child who had been abusedDavid & Carlos: 14 index of video pedo
year old identical twinsRobert: 16 year old brother of the twinsLuke: 16 year old friendJared: 15 year old friend; brother of DevonDevon: 13 year old friend; brother of JaredRoy: ranch foreman***Chapter Twenty-OnetristeIt's Kaiden again. You guys are hearing a lot from me lately! lol)When I woke up on Sunday morning, to the muted voices of bawling cattle
somewhere in the distance, it took a few seconds to clear the cobwebs from
my head. I realized at once that I wasn't in my bedroom, but it took a
second or two for me to remember that Eric and I had spent the night with
Carlos, David, and their older brother, Robert. Eric, Carlos, and David
were still sound asleep, pedo kids boys fuck their free pedo cartoon sex arms and legs tangled with mine, in the
intimate confines of the bed we created by pushing Robert's single bed
against the lower bunk of the twins' beds. And since I didn't have to pedo candid
TOO bad, I just lay there for a little while, thinking about the events of
yesterday.In the early morning light, Carlos' dark brown chest gently rose and fell
beside me, with his steady breathing. I guess he'd fallen asleep with his
injured hand up near his face, and the white photo pedo extreme porno of his heavily bandaged index
finger stood out in stark contrast to the color of his deeply tanned, brown
skin, and longish, dark, wavy hair.As I watched my friend, he shifted his body, pulled his arm down ... away
from his face, pedo lollita pic
and moaned. The injured finger disappeared between his hip
and mine.But not for long...Suddenly, Carlos' eyes popped open; and, with pain on his face, he looked
at his finger."It hurts, I bet," I commented softly."Does it ever! Fuck!" Carlos replied, wincing. "I've gotta take a pain
pill."Carefully untangling himself from his twin brother, Carlos crawled out of
the foot of the bed; and, after peeking his head around the door, into the
hall beyond, my naked friend scurried across the short hall forbiden pedo incest to the home's
only bathroom. I heard water running, and then Carlos peeing, before he
returned to bed. As he climbed on, his arm pressed against Eric's leg.My new boyfriend stirred for a moment, moaned, and, while rubbing his eyes,
he sat up. Talk about bed head ... Eric sure had one that morning! His
mousy brown hair was pressed tight to the left side of his scalp, while the
top and right side were movies porno pedo cock a maze of spikes and tufts."'Morning, pedo kid amater Eric," I said, in a hushed voice, rising up on an elbow."Hey, Kaiden," he mumbled, still half asleep."Hey, Eric," Carlos added, as he sat cross-legged at my feet."G'morning, Carlos," Eric answered, waking up more. He pedo child porn sex rubbed his eyes
again. "How's the hand feel, anyway?""Like shit!" pedo en la red our Hispanic friend stated, shaking his head, but, thankfully,
his face bore the hint of pedo cp girl
a smile, too."I'm SURE sorry about everything," Eric commented, sincerely."I thought we took care of all that last night," Carlos said, in an earnest
voice. "I don't blame you for what happened. Fuck, Eric ... it wasn't
anybody's fault. Not really."For quite a while that morning, we sat side-by-side on Robert's bed,
talking about yesterday. And before the other two Lopez boys woke up, I
think Carlos porno amateur pedo was finally able to make Eric realize that what had happened
truly wasn't his fault. At least, I think sucking a friend off is a pretty
good way to show there are no japan pedo sex pics hard feelings. Well, only the GOOD kind of
hard feelings ... if you know what I mean!Anyway, the three of us were hugging when the alarm sounded from the upper
bunk, where Robert had spent the night. David stirred on the bed beside
us, while Robert moaned loudly, pedo sites above our heads. After several seconds,
the twins' older brother turned off the buzzer, and groggily sat up. After
a round of 'good mornings' 10 free japanese pedo pedo nymph
... some sleepier than others ... all of us got
dressed.The roundup was such an exciting time around the ranch, that nobody wanted
to be left out ... not even Carlos. Even though he wasn't one hundred
percent, he was given an easy job that day ... helping Roy bring small
groups of cattle to the state livestock inspector. The inspector made sure
all the livestock bore the J bar A brand, before they were weighed and
loaded onto smelly, eighteen-wheel, double-decker cattle trucks.The rest of us childs fuck pedo spent the better part of Sunday helping to divide the herd,
weigh, or load the cattle. While it was the first roundup for some of us,
most of the guys knew exactly what they were supposed to do. And us
newbies caught on quickly.The cattle buyer was a wiry, talkative, middle-aged man with a colorful
vocabulary! He knew Josh well, so obviously they had done business with
each other in the past. From what I could tell, he made a quick assessment
of the complete herd, and then planted himself in a spot where he could
check out the cattle before they were weighed. Occasionally, he would
refuse an animal, though he took almost all Roberta pedon tits paypal
of them.By the end of the day, about a dozen cattle trucks had been tightly packed
with steers. Several heifers, which would be sold as breeding stock, were
moved to a small enclosure near the barn; and the few teen pedo pic
animals that the
cattle buyer didn't want were herded into a corral. The culls and breeding
stock harcore pedo
would be driven to a cattle auction first thing Monday morning nympho pedo pictures in the
J bar A cattle truck.As things were winding down, late in the afternoon ... after a lot of give
and take with Josh ... the cattle buyer pulled out a large checkbook and
wrote a check."You drive a damned hard bargain, Josh!" he exclaimed, shaking his head, as
he handed the check to my dad. "I'm not going to make a frigging dime on
this deal.""Sure you aren't, Jim," Dad pretended to agree, shaking Jim's hand, while
taking the check. He looked at it for a second, before putting it into his
shirt pocket and snapping pedo world toplist
the flap closed over it. Then, after glancing
toward the parking lot, Josh added, "I see you're driving a new pickup
again this year."Dad smiled broadly."Highway robbery!" the cattle buyer answered, ignoring Josh's last
statement. He paused for a moment, then, shrugging his shoulders, he
smiled, too. "It young tight pedo child
WAS good doing business with you again this year, Josh."Both men talked for a while longer and shook hands, before Jim ambled away;
climbed into a shiny, burgundy, late model F 350 pickup, with cattle horns
as a hood ornament; and drove off.Our first J bar A roundup had been a long, tiring, and eventful three days.
Of course, the cowboys had begun rounding up the herd for several days,
before any of us boys began to help with it. I will pedo porno japan
remember the sights
and sounds of that weekend for quite a while; but the STENCH of the
double-decker cattle trucks will stay with me for the rest of my life, I
think! At least, the area around the cattle loading area smelled for days
after the roundup ended.As I would learn over the next few months, the end of the roundup didn't
mean the end of work on the ranch. In fact, taking care of the heifers
... which were with calf ... over the winter was a TON more difficult than
just letting the full herd graze during the summer. But that's another
story!"Men, thanks for a job well done!" Josh declared, as most of us walked our
horses in the direction of the stable. The red ball of the sun seemed to
cling to the top of a mountain, in the southwestern sky, just hanging there
for quite a while, as if sexo pedo it didn't want to set."We're always glad to help out a friend," Robb Myers, the father of Jared
and Devon, replied, with a smile on his ruddy face. He glanced at his two
sons while he free legal pedo pics was speaking.One of the guys opened the barn door, before leading his horse inside. The
rest of us followed."I wish this weekend wasn't over," Devon stated, in the direction of
several of us younger guys. He tied the reins of his horse to a nearby
rail. "It was a lot of fun." He shook his blonde head, before adding
sadly, "And now, it's back to school in lola pedo virgin the morning.""I know," David agreed, releasing the cinch on his horse's saddle."Report cards, tomorrow," Eric reminded all of us ... not that he needed to
do that!After tossing his saddle onto a wooden saddle horse, Josh asked, "How's the
finger, Carlos?" He pulled the colorful saddle blanket off of his horse
and draped it over the top rail of a stall.Carlos halfway smiled."Well, when I was busy, I hardly noticed it," he answered, causing Josh to
nod. "I can feel it now, though."Carlos' older brother, Robert, pedo free thumbnail pics was about to take the saddle off of his
horse. But when Josh asked his question, he stopped what he was doing and
called out to his brother."Carlito, you poor baby," he taunted, smiling and shaking his head."Fuck you, man!" Carlos replied ... but he was smiling as he said it. At
least things were getting back to normal. Carlos must not xxx pedo pics have felt THAT
bad if he could joke around with his brother.As soon as the horses were taken asian schoolgirl pedo
care of, all of non nude pedo free us, in groups of three or
four, began to head toward the shower. After tending to Old Blue, my
horse, I scurried across the back yard to the pool building, along with
Eric, David, and Devon. Damn ... now that the sun had set, the air was
downright chilly!The glass door into the pool was steamed over on the inside, as Devon
pulled porno pedo teen
it open and hurried inside. "It sure feels good in here!" he
exclaimed, crossing his arms and briskly rubbing his hands over his
shoulders."You're just a wimp, Devon," David laughed. pedo extreme pics
"I like the cold weather!"I was the last one of our group through the door, russia pedo illegal and I agreed with Devon.
Not only pedo privat was it warm and humid inside the building because of the heated
swimming pool, but also the sound of spraying water, from multiple
showerheads, filled the air. The showers had to be adding extra humidity
to the room, too. I held the door open for Jared and Chris, who came
running up right behind us."Thanks!" Jared commented, hustling through the door, along with my
brother.The six of us headed toward the locker room, where the voices of men index of pedo porn
boys, talking loudly and laughing, could be heard. We undressed quickly,
tossing our dirty clothes into a large canvas pedo top site clothes hamper. And about
the same time cyber pedo pics
as Tim and some of pedo boys nude porn
the J bar A cowboys were finishing with
their showers, all us J bar A teens began ours. The tile-walled shower
room was hot and steamy.Since I had gone all photo pedosex children japan day ... well, since before breakfast, anyway
... without cumming, I would have liked to remedy the situation while
showering. My cock began to plump-up, when we began our showers, as I
glanced from Eric's and David's mostly limp manhood, to Devon's little boy
prick ... which was sticking straight out, like a bony finger, from his
hairless body. But Roy and Mr. Myers were still taking their picture of pedo girls showers,
along with Ben and Josh. While my dads couldn't have cared less if a
couple of us boys jacked each other off, I was pretty videos gratis pedofilia
sure the other two
men would have had a problem with it.Oh, well...The Myers family would be eating dinner with us that night. And when
Devon's mom had driven their Explorer to the ranch ... sometime after the
rest of us had left the house, and were busy with the cattle ... she had
brought a change of clothes for all her men, leaving duffel bags for them
in the locker room.After pedo girls pix showering quickly, we grabbed towels, carelessly swiping them over
our bodies, before loosely wrapping them around our hips. While the men
dressed on the benches near the door to the pool, the rest of us joked
around with each other. I'm not sure who began it ... it wasn't me, I'm
sure of that ... but someone flipped a towel at somebody else. And it
didn't take long until all of us were running between the benches, limp
cocks ... on most of us, anyway ... flopping in the wind, slapping our
towels at each other."Oh, I'm gonna get you for that one!" Cole exclaimed, laughing. He took
out after pedo boy tgp
our football player, African-American friend, Luke, popping him
hard."Boys..." Jared's dad commented to Ben, shaking his head. But he had a
smile on his face, as he spoke.The men quickly dressed; and as Josh was about to follow them out of the
room, he turned to us and girl pedo pics said, "Guys, pedo porn free movies don't spend all night out here,
okay?" He laughed. "I bet the womenfolk have got something fixed for
supper, up at the house.""We'll hurry," Tyler replied, while, with a wicked smile on his face, he
flicked his towel at me.And we did hurry, I guess. All of us had put in a long, hard day, and I
know I was starving! After everybody got in a couple more good pops, the
fun with the towels just seemed to peter out. Everyone had clean clothes
for himself in the locker room, and, amid loads of joking around and lots
of laughter, we got dressed. Cole, Ryan, and the Myers boys didn't put on
underwear; and when the rest of us saw they were going commando, we decided
to, as well. With cocks ranging from limp to full hard, several of the
guys began to step into clean bluejeans, while a few of us grabbed
sweatpants.My semi reacted the way you would expect from a european pedo sex horny, thirteen year old
boy, as the soft fleece of my sweats came into contact with my cock head.
Eric, who was on the bench right next to me, immediately noticed, of
course."Looks russia pedo xxx
like your guy is getting up for some fun," he laughed, causing Devon
to glance at my crotch."Ummm, yeah," I answered, with a smirk. "You know how he is.""I'm GETTING to know him pretty good," Eric commented, reaching over and
lightly rubbing his hand over the growing lump in my sweats. He brought
his lips to mine pedo sex jpg and we kissed."Hey, are you guys boyfriends, or something?" Devon asked, wide-eyed.I glanced around the room. Of course, most of the guys from the J bar A
already knew, and I wanted to tell the rest. But before I could say
anything, Eric spoke up."Yep, Devon, we are," he said with a big smile. Then he looked me in the
eye, while lightly running his fingers through my wet, but always messed-up
hair. "We are ... right Kaiden?""You bet we are, Eric," I replied, leaning over and hugging him tightly.David, who was sitting on the bench just across from us, putting on a pair
of sneaks, commented, "I wondered about that, in bed last night."While Eric and I hadn't done anything extra-special with each other in the
twins' bed, maybe a guy could tell we were in love just by the look in our
eyes, or something."I wish I could spend a night with you guys," Devon stated, shaking his
head. Bending over, he quickly pulled on a pair fuck pedophilia sex of socks, and, in the
harsh light of the locker room, I noticed that his golden tan from this
past summer was beginning to fade some."What about tonight?" I laughed."That'd rock!" our prepubescent friend commented excitedly, sitting up.
Then his expression suddenly changed. "But, fuck ... we've got school
tomorrow." He grabbed a sweatshirt from his duffel."You could wear some of my clothes," Eric offered, smiling. sexo teen pedo
"And I bet
Tyler would drive you to school with the rest of us.""I know he would," I agreed. stories pedo "And you could just wear those sweats to
school, if you wanted, I bet.""Hey, maybe I could spend the night with you guys, too," David added
thoughtfully."Yeah, that'd be lots of fun," Devon said, pulling the bulky gray
sweatshirt over his head, to go with the faded, navy sweatpants he already
had on.With a plan in mind, the four of us cleaned-up the mess we'd made in the
locker room, before heading off toward the house. In the twilight of that
fall evening, Devon and Eric were crossing the driveway a few steps ahead
of us, when David turned to me."I sure hope our moms let us spend the night," pedo comic gallery he declared, slowing the
speed he was walking, before coming to a complete halt."Me, too," I agreed, stopping beside him. As I turned my face to his, I
noticed that David's dark brown eyes were pictures russian underground pedo
following the backsides of Eric
and Devon. I thought I saw something in those eyes. "Hey, have you got
the hots for Eric, too?" I wondered."Nope," he laughed, shaking his head of wavy hair. "Not Eric ... but
Devon, maybe...""Hey, man, that's awesome!" I exclaimed quietly. "You've known him for
... like forever, haven't you?""Almost," David laughed. "It's probably silly, anyway. Dev likes having
fun with his brother.""Yeah ... Ryan told me about the stuff those guys do with each other. It's
hot, let me tell you!" I said, with a big smile on my face. "But maybe
he'd like to have fun with you, too." Shivering, I took a breath. "Come
on, David, it's cold out here; let's get a move on!""Okay," he replied, before we set off at a slow trot for the kitchen door.As I opened the door for my friend, we were greeted by the savory aroma
from an extra-large, open stock pot of chili. My stomach grumbled loudly,
as we walked into the warm, invitingly well-lit room. It was full of guys
... along with a few women ... standing, or seated on stools around the
counter, eating and talking. Eric and Devon had gotten in pedo jpg
line behind Cole
... waiting to fill their bowls. David stepped up behind Devon, and said
something to him, as I took one of the few clean bowls that remained.The chili was different from what Josh brutal incest tgp pedofilia had made for us earlier that fall,
but it tasted good, anyway. And, as I was about to get seconds, Devon
spoke up."Mom, pedo incest little virgin can I spend the night with Kaiden and Eric?" he asked, smiling at his
mother."I don't know, honey," she answered. "It's a school night.""But Mom, I didn't have any homework this weekend; and Tyler can take me to
school in the morning with the guys from here," Devon reasoned, in his most
endearing, little-boy voice."Well, let me pictures child pedo ask your dad," Mrs. Myers stated. "And then it has to be
okay with their parents." She turned to her husband, and said a few words
to him, as I got a second bowl of chili.Devon had to do some whining with his dad, but in the end, he got
permission to spend the night with us. And David's mom and dad said okay,
too. Talk about four happy boys ... that's what Devon, David, Eric, and I
were!As the meal wound down, Josh again thanked everybody for their help
throughout the past year. What with the late summer drought, it had cp pedo top
been a
rough couple of months. However, he was very happy with the roundup and
the sale of the calves to the feedlot. He said, again, how sorry he was
that Carlos had been injured. But, at least, Carlos seemed to be
recovering well ... everyone was nude nymph pedo happy with that!"Everybody in this pedofilia porno teens
room has a special place in my heart," Josh declared.
"We are just one big family on the J bar A ... and that includes you guys,
too!" He was looking free pedophilia pics porn at Mr. and Mrs. Myers when he made his last comment.All the ranch hands thanked Josh for being a man they pedofilia pics porn
were proud to work
for, and, after dinner, the Myers family, less Devon ... along with Robert,
Carlos, Luke, and their families left for home. While Ryan and Cole joined
Chris and Tyler in the gym, the other four of us decided to spend some time
with the PS2. You know boys and video games. We played a lollitas pedo galeries little Madden
Football, and after the older guys and Ryan finished with their workouts,
we popped in 4x4EVO and everybody raced each other for a while."Fuck, I can't concentrate!" Cole declared, dropping the game controller to
his lap, while slapping his thigh. "I guess you guys are just too good for
me tonight." His truck had just run off the course, costing him precious
seconds, and he lost his match with Tyler. He smiled, slyly. "I guess I'm
gonna hit the hay.""Yeah, yeah ... you're just a sore loser," Tyler chuckled, placing his hand
on Cole's back and squeezing his shoulder blade."Yeah ... well ... maybe you're right; THIS time, at least," Cole laughed,
scratching his balls through his sweats, "but pedo illegal teen I'm gonna want a rematch one
of these days." Leaning forward and laying his game controller on the
coffee table, he added, "Ryan, are you coming up to bed yet?"Grinning broadly, from the arm of the couch next to his boyfriend, Ryan
answered, "Um, sure, Cole." He slid off the arm to his feet. "'Night
everybody.""Have fun," Chris laughed, drawing comments from Cole and Ryan, and
snickers from the rest of us guys. "Tyler, I bet you can't beat me, like
you just did Cole.""Dream on, bro," Tyler said confidently. "You don't have a chance!"It seemed like Chris and Tyler were going to be controlling the PS2 for a
while, so Eric suggested we call it crazy pedo a night, too.We said goodnight to Chris and Tyler, and were heading up the stairs, when
I had a thought."Hey guys ... how about we spend a few minutes in the hot tub, before going
to bed?""Sounds like fun to me," Devon agreed."Yeah, it sure does. I was only in it that one asian pedo illegal cp
time," Eric added. "But
won't it be cold out there tonight?"I laughed. incest pedo sex video
"Probably ... but Josh told me, once, a guy doesn't really know
what feeling good is until he's spent some time in the kids pedo pic
hot tub when it's
cold outside. And he ought to know, I guess.""I suppose," Eric answered, somewhat hesitantly. But moments later, when
the four of us were standing next to the outdoor spa, Eric was the first to
bend down to lift off the lid. "Brrrrr, it IS gonna be cold out here!""That's half the pedo porn kids fun of it," Devon stated, as we leaned the fiberglass lid
against the wall of the pool building. Obviously, he had been in the hot
tub in cold weather before. Immediately, he stripped off his sweatshirt.
Though the light was dim where we were, I still thought I could see
goosebumps forming on his tanned chest, as he laughed and wrapped his arms
around himself. "Last one in the water has to suck my cock!"All of us scrambled to get out of our clothes, though, actually, I think
any of us would have been happy to suck-off our friend. David tried to
pull off his jeans over the top of his shoes, and the legs got stuck.
Fortunately for him, I guess, he lost the little race. Anyway, David was
still struggling with his jeans and shoes, as the rest of us lowered our
bodies into the steaming water."Hey, David ... grab a few towels for us, okay?" I pedo angels teens
asked, after he'd
finally managed to take off his jeans."Sure," he laughed, hurrying in the direction of the locker room. His
naked, brown butt disappeared through the door to the swimming pool.
Moments later, after dropping an armload of towels on the ground beside the
hot tub, he set the timer, before climbing into the pool beside us."This DOES feel awesome!" Eric exclaimed, popping out of the water for a
few seconds. He allowed the cold air, and light breeze, to chill his wet
torso, before sliding back under the frothing waves."It sure does!" I agreed, honestly surprised. I lay back in the steaming
foam until my feet lifted off the bottom, bringing my chest and the tops of
my legs partway out of the water. I reached behind myself and grabbed hold
of the lip of the hot tub, as my skin broke out in goosebumps ... even the
skin underwater. Immediately, blood started pumping into my dick, making
it stand up, rock hard. It popped out of the water for a second, before
falling onto my belly. "Fuckin' amazing!"The four of us enjoyed the pleasant, contrasting sensations of cold and hot
against our naked skin for a while, and, without warning, I felt lips
encircle my throbbing penis. Without looking to see who they belonged to,
I pedofilia boy porn recognized the sucking action as Eric's."Yeah, man!" I cooed, shivering all over.Eric redoubled his already impressive efforts, lowering his face on my
seven inches. I felt the tip of my manhood press against the back of his
throat."Oh, child nude pedofilia shit!" Devon's high-pitched, pedo children porn pics
little boy voice cried out from my right
side.I glanced in free pedo porn sites his direction, and saw David's dark brown, Hispanic body
hunched over Devon's midsection. One of his hands was under Devon's pedo 3d sites slim
butt ... helping hold him up, I guess ... and he seemed to be cradling
Devon's hard cocklet between his teeth. David laughed for a second, before
going all the way down on our still prepubescent friend, sucking him hard,
from what I could tell.Suddenly, underground forum pedo I felt Eric's hands fondling my inner thighs, before his thumb
pressed firmly against my ass hole.I moaned, causing Eric to glance toward my face. sex pedo very little His eyes met mine for a
second, chill pics pedo and he seemed to smile, as I relaxed my sphincter. When his thumb
entered me, I was in heaven; let me tell you!"Fuck, David ... you're gonna make me cum!" Devon exclaimed. His pedo gay mpg body must
have tensed up with his dry climax, because he began to sink. He
floundered around for a moment, before finding a seat. "Fuckin' A," pedo incest tgp he
added softly."Glad you liked it, Dev," David laughed. And straddling Devon's hairless
body with his hairy legs, the older twin sat in Devon's lap. They began to
kiss, passionately."Hey, Eric, if I didn't know better, I'd say those two guys sorta like
having fun with each other," pedo sex pictures I commented, with a smile, as Eric pulled out
his thumb and pressed it back into me again. He glanced in the direction
of our two friends for a second, while letting my pulsing dick slip from
between his lips."I wonder why?" he chuckled, kneeling on the floor of the hot tub, beside
my legs.My penis wanted to cum SO bad ... and when Eric took my dick in his hand,
pumping it furiously, I felt cum enter the base pedo sex comic
of my shaft. In little nude pedo pics no time, I
was unloading high into the air, pedo underground sites as the wonderful feelings of an amazing
orgasm mingled with the sensations of cold air and hot water. I extreme pedo incest shivered
from young sex pedo gay
head to toe ... fuck, it felt so good!Josh had been right ... he usually always was, I guess free moviee pedo russian ... spending time in
the Jacuzzi, on a cold autumn night, was nothing short of unbelievable.
While neither David nor Eric shot asian girl illegal pedo outside in the hot tub that night, I free young pedo porn had
a sneaking feeling that pedo 15 teen
situation would be remedied before we called it a
day.Damn, it's great being a boy!
***I'm going to end chapter 21 with those words. I hope all of you enjoyed
reading it! A lot happened in my life while I was trying to write this
chapter. For one thing, I free pedofilia vids found out that my job is being eliminated by the
beginning of summer. That weighed heavily on me as I tried to write,
giving me writer's block (something I'm all too familiar with, sad to say!
lol). Hey, if any of you guys need the services of a top notch
photographer ... or know of anyone who does ... send me an email!
( Have camera, will travel!I hope all of you have an awesome week! GregIf you would like to join the Yahoo! Group for my stories, you can do that
here: And if you've never
read the earlier stories in this series, pedo boy image board
you might enjoy them. They're
also in the Gay/Incest area of the Nifty Archive."I'll Suck You" - Final Post Date: June pedofilia bss
25, 2007
"I've Got the Best Family" pedoworld cp pics free
- Final Post Date: May 23, 2008
"Us Guys" - Final Post Date: May 29, 2009Or you can go to the "Prolific Authors" tab and scroll down to my pen name
... Photo Guy.
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