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From: Reece Bedingfield
Subject: Gay Male/Incest/My Fathers Legacy Chapter 2Author's Note: This is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any
persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This work is intended to be
read by persons over the age of 18 or the legal age by state or country.Chapter 2 free teen facial porn I was awoken by a noise coming from downstairs. The dream was still
fresh in my mind and I was actually kind of irritated that is was
interrupted. I heard the sound of some type of moaning or talking coming
from the downstairs. It couldn't have been my dad, maine teen porn jackyfresh teen pussy as it was only 4:00 and
he nude hairy teen normally teen girl porn videos wouldn't be home until much later. I was kind of freaked out
all of a sudden sex for teens
as I slowly crept from the bed and threw on a free teen shaved pussy pair of
jogging shorts and a t- shirt. I slowly made my way down little teen sluts
the hardcore teen porn galleries hall toward
the staircase that led to the main pussy free teen porn
hall. As I eased my way down the
stairs, the sounds grew a bit louder and seemed to be coming from the
formal parlor in the front of the house. I crept ever slowly towards the
source and then creeped towards the Parlor. I stuck teen big tit porn
my head around the
corner and the sight caused me to almost fall backwards.
There was a man with his budapest teen porn back towards free teen pool porn the door and he was totally
naked. The muscles teen hardcore porn xxx
of his teen celeb porn pics back were like those of a Greek god as they
flexed underneath the skin. The muscles were nothing compared to the ass
of the man. It was a perfect emo girl teen porn
ass, nice firm globes with the perfect
indentations of a well toned body on the sides. This led to the most
powerful looking set of legs I cartoon teen porn pics had ever seen, covered in a mass of fine
blond hairs down the two trunks of muscle. The man, I soon realized was
kissing another, I caught sight of the photos teen porn pic profile of the muscled god and
suddenly lost my breath..."Oh, my God....It's my Dad," I thought to myself.
My father was naked in the Parlor making love to another man. Clothes were
strewn around the free teen sex samples floor of the room and I caught sight of a white apron in
the pile. Could it be? The man, whom I could not free italian teen porn see clearly before, was
now visible as I changed positions in the doorway; it was Julian, our cook.
My father was making teen porn dutch amsterdam out lesbo teen sex porn
with Julian! Talk hottest teen cheerleder porn about a shock, the man whom I
had admired all my life, the man I actually worshiped, was making out,
naked, with another man.....My dad was gay!
I was in total teen little girl porn free hot teen sex
shock and then again I was totally turned on. My cock
was straining for release in the loose jogging shorts I wore. I teen gangbangs porn was
actually in too much shock to care. I had gay teen studio archive to see more. black teen rape porn I slowly left the
doorway and crept into the library which joined the back side of the
parlor. They were connected by a large pair of madison teen porn Mahogany Pocket doors with
insets of leaded glass. I knew the view would be better from there. I
made my way dad end teen porn into the little teen tits library without making a sound and crept towards the
My father and Julian had moved into a new position as trixi teen porn Julian lay on
the extreme teen porn sites settee in the room and had my father's large cock in his young nude teen
mouth. He was
sucking his cock feverishly, and what a cock it was. It had to be at least
nine inches that my father was burying pret teen porn
in Julian's eager mouth and kıds teen porn as thick
around as a beer bottle. pretty teen porn pics Julian looked as though he were in total heaven.
This continued on as I tiffany teen nude slowly reached down and dropped my shorts. I slowly
began to stroke my sexy teen stars porn own rock hard cock at the sight of my dad getting blown
in our living room. My dad continued to feed his monster cock to Julian as
he reached down teen idol porn and started to stroke Julian's own hefty cock and balls.
The uncut cock pulsed with excitement as my father stroked its length. I
watched in amazement as my father then bent down and legal nude teen boys
in one swoop inhaled
Julian's cock to the root. Julian cried in pleasure still with my father's
cock in his mouth. My father replied teen porn moives
with his own set of moans. They soon
broke there union and my father flipped Julian over to where he was on his
knees leaning on the back of the teen asian anal porn
settee. Father grabbed a condom, from
where I could not tell, and slipped in on his magnificent cock. He
positioned himself aiming that beautiful piece of meat at Julian's upturned
ass and slowly began to teen+titan+porn insert it in Julian's waiting tunnel. Julian
moaned in pleasure as my father slowly inched his cock into Julian until he
had nearly all nine teen tight ass inches inside him. He waited a second or to let Julian
adjust to the massive organ and then slowly began to thrust it in and out
of his fat teens porn ass.
I continue to teen porn brunette stroke my own cock as I stared without even blinking at
the man of my dreams fucking the hired help. I knew that I would have to
slow down or I myself would be cumming soon, and I wanted this to last.
The image before me would be burned into my memory for a long time to come
and I wanted to savor every second.
My dad continued thrusting in and out of Julian with an increasing
pace. Julian thrashed wildly on the settee and moan in ecstasy. Dad
fucked him harder and harder and beads of sweat were running down his chest
and stomach. His eyes were closed as he plunged his monster cock deep
inside the willing ass. His moans grew louder as I realized he must be
getting close to cumming. He withdrew his cock a few seconds later and
ripped the condom from his dick. A thick stream of pearly white cum shot
from the end of his dick and onto Julian's back. My father cried out in
pleasure as the thick streams of cum shot into blowjob sexy teen porn the air. milf and teen porn
Julian cartoon+teen+titan+porn quickly up
righted himself and pressed back against my teen topanga porn father as he feverishly stroked
his cock.
I couldn't wait any longer as the pressure was too much to bear. I
beat my dick and almost instantly shot stream after stream of cum onto the
back of the wooden door. I must have closed my eyes because when I opened
them I could see that may father was peering towards my in the leaded
window with a orgasmic teen porn
look of utter shock and confusion on his face. He was almost
frozen in place nude teen redheads as Julian began to shoot into slutty teen cheerleader porn his other hand to prevent the
streams from future teens nude
landing on free teen blowjob porn the antique furniture.
I didn't know what to do except yank up my shorts and run as quick as
I could back upstairs. I was in such a weird state that I did not even
remember that I had just cum on the door and hadn't cleaned it up. I
simply had to get out of my father's gaze and get back upstairs as quickly
as possible.
I made to my room and quietly shut the door, only leaving it
partially cracked open. ameture teen porn What was my father going to say to me? I had just
watched him having sex with another man and I think I enjoyed it more than
You see, my father and I were very close but we really never
discussed things like sex that often. Of course he had given me the old
Birds and the porn teen casting couch
Bees speech when I first hit puberty but that was about it.
I knew my father didn't date much, as I don't ever remember even seeing him
with a woman. He never even asked me about my own love life, which there
really wasn't that much to tell up to that point.
I decided to go out onto the veranda and sat on a wicker loveseat and
gazed out towards the river. The high green slopes of the levee were
visible for miles through the branches of the ancient oaks. The breeze was
cool, with a slight hint ukranian teen porn of winter in its grasp. It was already the end of
November and winter would soon be rolling burma teen porn onto this area of the south.
I sat in stillness teen beach sex as my father came out onto the veranda and quietly
sat down next to me without saying a word. 15minute teen porn
free teen porn wma He short teen porn
seemed worried and it showed
on his beautiful face. "Son, I rebel teen porn
don't 3gp teen porn video
know where to wet horny teen porn start..." he stammered.
"It's ok, fat teen pussy
dad...don't worry about it." "Son, I know I tai teen porn
should have talked
to you earlier about this but I could never find the correct words...It's
just that I get so lonely." "Dad, I understand..." "Do you really could
you accept me and still love me even after what you saw?" "Dad, I have a
confession too. I think I will love you even more than I already do. I
liked what I saw...I really, really liked what I saw," he softly put his
hand on my knee as I continued; "I think that was the hottest I have ever
been and I came enough to prove it. free teen webcam porn
Dad, I homemade teen animal porn love free xxx teens movies you more than anyone in
the world. You're my father, my hero, and my best friend. british teen porn vids You real teen porn could
pretty much do no wrong in my eye except to hardcore teen sex movies
stop loving me." "Reece, teen xxx porn that
will never happen," a tear streamed down his cheek. young teen fuck movies "You are my son, my
only son and I love you more gay teens free
arab teen porn now than I could ever love another human
being." I leaned over and wrapped my arms around his neck and turned my
head ass teen porn movie to kiss the tear off mexican teen porn thumbs
his cheek. Its salty flavor was a rush in my
mouth. My father squeezed me teen porn doggystyle against him tight. He turned his head to
face me and planted a soft kiss 18 yr teen porn
on my cheek as he went to do it again I
turned and our lips brushed each others. The feeling was electric; this
was my goal and teen porn picrues my dream all along. The contact sort of shocked my dad at
first top teen porn pics
and he sort of pulled back but I leaned over and kissed him on the
lips again and whispered "Love me, dad."
"Oh, Reece I do..." he whispered in reply
"Then make love to me, Dad" I said as I locked my mouth onto his.
Our tongues met as we passionately kissed juciy teen porn for what felt like hours but in
reality were only minutes. extreme bizzare teen porn My father moaned as we kissed and I in return
moaned in response.
My dad suddenly broke our kiss and pulled away rather quickly.
"Dad, what's wrong?" I asked in bewilderment.
"Reece, are you sure about what teen girl porn 16 we are doing? I mean, I don't want
to do anything that you are not one hundred percent sure about. This is a
big deal, and not many people would understand if they found out. I just
want you to understand"
"Dad, I have been dreaming of this happening russian teen nude models
for years now. I've
never wanted anything more in my entire life. collage teen porn
I love you and I want to
make you happy in every way possible, does that make sense. I am not a
child any more, I'm a man and I want you like this right now...and forever"
Another tear glided down his cheek as he stood up and leaned down
to take me by the hand. I stood and he wrapped his arms schoolgirl teen porn
around me. I
could feel the mature females and teens
hardness of his monster cock as he pressed against me and it
ground into joung teen porn mine. This is what I have teens tight pussy
dreamed of. And now, I was going to
have him, all of him.
We broke apart and he review teen porn sites
led me back into the house and into the
upstairs hallway. teen porn ponytail We headed down the hall towards the back of the house
and I asked where we were going.
"If I am going to make love new teen threesome porn to the most beautiful man in the world,
my own son, then I'm going to do it sex teen girls right amateur teen porn videos and in the right room..." He
stated pretty matter of factly.
And with that asian teen college porn one statement, I was his.....To Be Continued...
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