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Subject: Mike and Randy Thanks for all those emails guys. I'm glad you all enjoyed my last
story. I love hearing from all young preteen masterbating of you. Due to the overwhelming e preteen whores response,
this story is dedicated to you. Perhaps, one of you will wanna get
together and we can create our own story. Keep those emails coming to Mike and Randy
by: Daniel Stewart
Thanks for all those emails guys. I'm glad you all enjoyed my last story.
I love hearing from all of you. Due to the overwhelming response, this story
is dedicated to you. Perhaps, one of you will want to get together with me
and we could create our schoolgirl preteens
own story. Keep those emails preteen schoolgirls gallery
coming preteen nake art to
They'd met natural model preteen
while in the Navy, stationed at North Island Air Station in San
Diego. They had served a four year stint and were awaiting their discharges.
Randy's home was in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky, but while in the
service he rented an apartment just off base with ukrainian girls preteen
Mike, a shipmate from Ohio.
Randy and Mike had known each other a couple of years since the time
they'd spent together in Naval Air Training free movie preteen School. They began going out on
liberty together at that time and would often share the cost of a hotel room.
Mike had noticed that when they slept in the same bed, he'd awaken with
Randy's preteen candid feet
body spooned against his back and preteens underage model
his boxers would be wet with cum. A
couple of times Randy found Mike's hand cupping his flaccid cock and balls.
Since his underwear was wet and sticky, he'd sneak out of bed, embarrassed as
hell. The thought that Mike was gay never really entered Randy's mind.
It was getting close to the weekend when their discharges came through.
Mike had no real interest in returning to the Buckeye State, and asked Randy
if he could
tag along with preteen incest clip him to Kentucky. Without much hesitation Randy agreed.
Secretly, Randy ached to make love to Mike, all the time's they'd spent preteens litlle desnudas
various motel was illegal preteen ass fresh in his mind.
They decided to drive from San Diego, California to Stone Mountain,
Kentucky. They left San Diego early Friday morning.
For most of the trip, Mike and Randy talked lesbian preteens nude about their childhood, how many
bitches they'd fucked, their service to America and other russian soft preteens assorted chit chat.
The trip was fairly routine and uneventful.
They were less than a day from their destination. When orange and crimson
shades of evening overtook them east of Crummies Creek, Randy started to
search cute preteen model
for a place to spend the night. The highway runs through virgin preteen cunt a mountainous
terrain here, and while the surrounding mountains posed preteens sexy picture
no threat to stephenie preteen models
euro preteen whores the Blue
Ridge or Great Smokeys, it was a relief to see after hundreds of miles of
cities, congested interstate highways, farms, and flatlands. Pine trees lined
the slopes in places, and when Mike rolled down the preteen nudist camps window, the sweet smell
of honeysuckle lingered in the air.
They were descending on the eastward slope when Randy spotted a side road
its course and terminus concealed by trees. He decided to take it on a whim,
figuring they'd follow preteen brutal it for quite a few miles and have plenty of gas in the
tank to double back if necessary. Unbeknownst to either preteen boy hairless of them, both Mike
and Randy hoped that one would find the other irresistible. They were
mutually attracted to one preteen 14yo underage another, but neither was aware of the others
feelings, nn preteen lsm it was nudist preteens indeed an inner torture. Eight miles from leaving the main
highway they found what was to become a "safe harbor."
There before preteen porn tube them forbidden porn preteen
was a once bustling town. The virtual ghost town was of
relatively recent vintage, circa 1930, and preteen magic pictures the scars inflicted upon the
surrounding mountains told them it had once been at young brazilian preteen one point in its history
a booming coal mining camp. preteens little pics The quaint places--tents and clapboard shacks,
typical of coal operator's greed--had long been dismantled, removed or nude preteen girlz fallen
victim to a combination of the elements and years of neglect.
Commercial type buildings in the heart of the little town had been
constructed with a greater permanence in mind. A combination dance/party hall
popular in the days prior to prohibition, post office and hotel were
overshadowed by the rusted hull of an old coal tipple, an preteen ass photos a tiny once white
church had been pre teensexy models
thrown up in its shadow, almost as an preteen vintage
"What a fascinating old place," Mike remarked. He'd never seen anything
like in his life. "I'm sure it was once nude preteens europe a beautiful place, until outsiders
came in raping and pillaging her natural resources. dirty preteen model
"Exactly," Randy replied.
"I'm confident that many a young man gave his life here, digging the filthy
black gold."
"Do you reckon ghosts of those slain miners linger about Randy?" Mike
" Don't tell me your afraid of ghost?".
"You must joking. Copperheads, rattlesnakes, muskrats and a cp preteen bbs lot of other
varmints, okay, but ghosts? No problem, preteen galleries xxx man!", Mike boasted.
They parked the nakedpreteen young girls
car in front of the old tipple and got out to explore
the crumbling structure. The iron door was online preteen russian
rusted shut. preteen jap It took some
determination and preteen movie sample
a lot of elbow grease to budge the huge entrance after
sixty years toon sex preteen or more of standing angels around preteen idle, but momentum did the trick and the old
door suddenly crashed backward with a thud. Inside the surprisingly spacious
area was dank, dingy and reeked of coal pond scum. There were ukraine preteen nymphets conveyor belts,
rusted power supply cabinets, and other preteen ukranian nudes old machinery that had fallen into
disrepair preteen girls imageboards strewn about, abandoned when the seam ran sexporn preteens latinas out.
Being inside the old structure was dangerously exciting and sent eerie
chills preteen model oops down Mike's spine. "Its certainly cp index preteen overwhelming to think that the door
to this old place had last been closed decades ago," Randy remarked. "Its
quite possible than no man has crossed that threshold since," he added.
"Well, no ghosts," Randy preteen stories erotica
joked, "but from the distinct smell, I think we
may have invaded preteen panties tgp a den of copperheads."
"This is a fascinating old place buddy, but its beginning to get dark."
Mike said. "Besides, preteens art photo I'm not too fond of snakes, especially poisonous underage preteens biz
flat chested preteen ones!"
"Okay man! Let's get out of here."
They backtracked to the car and begun to model naturalist preteen
unpacked a few things. pre teen comics They'd
decided to spend the night link sex preteen here, and bed down ranchi preteen pedo
in the old hotel.
Much to their amazement, preteen goth pussy the room they chose needed only a slight
cleaning. It only took preteens asian rape them about a half an hour to clean up the place. "Its
kind of rustic, but clean," Mike exclaimed.
While they were sitting on the bed Mike preteen junior model
underage preteensex just blurted out, "I really want
you to fuck preteen legs galleryilligal nude preteen me Randy." He could not believe it: Mike wanted Randy as much as
Randy thai hardcore preteen wanted Mike. Randy pulled Mike close to him, and began to French rate cute preteens
him legal naked preteen passionately. They kissed for a nasty preteen asian time while their fingers explored each
other's body. Talking of Mike's shirt, Randy began to tongue his nipples and
pecs. Moans of sheer pleasure escaped preteenn pussy
from Mike's throat as Randy worked his
expert mouth down to his hard cock. Mike gently guided it down Randy's
throat. It felt so damn good that Mike bucked his hips faster and faster, and
with one nudist preteens pics
deep thrust, he shot his load into Randy's hungry mouth. Mike's
hands were all over pre teenie movies
Randy's head and neck as he filled his mouth with warm
man-juice. He almost choked on that preteen pic free
sweet cock; he wanted all preteens pussy modelgirl porno preteen of him.
As Randy rose, Mike met him with a deep kiss. Their bodies locked preteennice together
on the bed, hands feeling all bout one another. Mike's back was strong, and
his sweet, young ass preteen nonnude free
was firm. board preteens erotice
He pregnant preteen girls rolled onto his back and preteen nymphet movies
lifted his legs
high. "Fuck me, please," he begged softly.
Randy's cock gay preteensex was throbbing hard and ready. "I don't want to hurt you lesbian preteen videos man.
Where is the lube?" he asked.
Mike pointed to the floor and said, "Want you so bad. Please fuck me."
In a flash, Randy was between Mike's legs. After smothering his cock and
Mike's hole with KY jelly, he fingered his tight asshole teasingly. Mike
yelled, "FUCK ME NOW!!" Locking Mike's legs preteen cunts cp
pedo preteen model over his shoulders, Randy braced
himself at the glorious opening. Randy loved to fuck, it was his way of
becoming an intricate part of his partner. He believed in making love to a
man, not just having sex.
Mike moaned with excitement. The idea of having Randy's cock inside him
was frighteningly nylon preteen galleries wonderful. "Please, fuck me baby," he cried. Randy slowly
slid his cock into blog sex preteen Mike's warm hole, while his hands felt his taunt ass
cheeks. free preteens boy Mike clenched his teeth and moaned as Randy's cock opened him wider.
Randy pulled his cock preteen schoolgirl wmv
about halfway out, preteenboys masturbate and rammed it in to the hilt as
Mike bucked up and down on it. Mike's cock was hard against his chest and
grew harder with each thrust. Over and over, Randy rammed his cock in and xxx island preteen
Mike's tight ass with might. The look on pre teen speedo
Mike's face showed a mixture of
pleasure and pain and Randy's huge ten inch cock reached places no other cock
had ever been. Mike moaned, "FUCK ME HARD!!" He bucked and humped to meet
Randy's thrusts into his hungry hole. Randy was in love, fucking gay preteen modeling Mike.
Mike--so vulnerable, yet demanding.
A preteens bra pics few more thrust and Randy would not be able to hold back any longer.
Mike looked at him knowingly. "Give it to me," he cried. Randy let loose
with a red-hot load of cum nude sunbathing preteens into Mike's ass. It felt like weeks and weeks
worth of cum tranny preteen
pouring from his cock into Mike. Suddenly, Mike cock erupted
onto his and Randy's chest. Randy collapsed on top of Mike thoroughly
satisfied. preteen nonnude beach
He meet younger preteen pussy Mike with a deep kiss as his cock slid from his abused
They lay side by side. rushian preteen nude
"Promise to stay close, just in case the local
ghosts get restless," Mike teased. Randy was more than happy to oblique. The
slept in each other's arms the rest preteen lust models of the night.
When dawn crept upon the rustic old coal camp, it was as if Mike and Randy
had always been there--together as one.
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