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Subject: Me & Chan: Part 1WARNING: Please do not read this story loli guesbook if it is illegal to view erotic
material in your area. This story is a work of fiction, and involves two
high-school aged boys in love and making love. If this type of material
offends you, you are free 3d loli cartoons encouraged to leave at once.NOTE: loli nude pedo The names are based on real people, but no last names are given.-The story takes place pedo lolicon
in 1998-1999. You may have figured that out teen lolitta fuck movies
as a
result of my mentioning "computers" and the Internet.-Some background info on Chanthon: he's about 6'1", roughly 160 lbs.,
darker skin (a kind of dry-dark, and not African or African-American dark),
wears glasses, has black hair underage loliboys that's loli brutal spiked forward, but soft in the back.
He is also Dark studio loli
very sturdy-built. Unlike most tall, skinny men, his arms are
semi-muscular, poland little loli
his ankles are larger in girth than lolicon oics is normal prety loli
for skinny
men, and his over-all frame is quite proportionate.-Chantha is almost exactly like his older brother Chanthon, except he's a
freshmen, and his hair is only slightly longer.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Me & ChanI stared at him quite intensely while waiting for Mrs. Tess to finish her
little lecture about the upcoming speech we had to write for Speech class.
I couldn't take loli nude bbs links my eyes off of him. I wasn't sure why I was attracted to
him so posing lolis much, other than how beautiful he was. Somewhere, deep inside of me,
I thought that deep inside of him, behind that boyish, crude loli naked girls exterior, was
a heart that needed attention that couldn't be obtained by normal methods.
I believed there was a chance he was gay. The chance that he was at all
interested in me was slim to nill, as I believed. This made things
difficult as I couldn't quit staring at him, and he sat right to my left.I suppose I should explain that. You see, I'm a big guy. Not fat, just...
big. I'm almost 6' 4", weigh about 240, loli tiny and have dark-blond/almost brown
hair. I have brownish-greenish eyes that tend to vary slightly depending on
the season. I'm fairly muscular, lolipop preteen even though I don't work out. I've always
been that way, partly due to the fact that all the exterior care for my
parents house loli forum sex anime
is provided for by me, and the endless running I tgp dark loli
have to do
up down portal loli
the loli kds suck four flights of ranchi pthc loli top stairs at school on a daily basis. I'm sixteen,
but I don't drive. At least, not legally. I've taken the parent's Voyager
out a time or two, but I can't drive in daylight. They don't even know it's
been gone. And the reason I don't drive legally is because I don't have a
liscense. In fact, I don't cp network loli
have a permit. I top loli nude don't even have any Driver's
Ed. "training".Anyway, back to the object of my eyes' undivided attention.His name is Chanthon, but everyone calls him "Chan" for short. He's a mix
of Cambodian and Hispanic, but he got a Cambodian name. I had never known
that Cambodians were a gorgeous race until I met him. Hispanics loli bbs topsite have there
moment in the sun; don't get me wrong. But the hispanic/Cambodian loli pussy russia
mix in
him just screamed "Love me". I loved every feature. He was about 6' 1",
which is quite tall for an Asian man. He was slim, but not so that he youngteens loli
skinny. He had enough meat on him to be appealing. He never wore socks so I
could always see his ankles and could tell by their loli xxx vids size that he was built
well, too. Not heavy-built, but sturdy-built.His soft black hair was amazing. He usually spiked it forward with gel,
giving a loli porn ilegal "sharp" look to it. But for some reason, he forgot to do that this
morning."Feel my hair," he said to the boy sitting to his left. I could tell from
the appearance alone it was soft. Not to mention he had just used a little
bit of lotion in it to add to the softness.The kid "pet" Chan's hair, much like a little kid would do to a puppy. Once
he felt it, he slowed down and appeared to somewhat enjoy the loli image sensation of
this gorgeous boy's hair in between his fingers."See?" Chanthon said, as if he had told the kid that it was soft and the
kid had argued.I wished I could incest lolicon hentai comix have been that boy. I'd give anything to touch Chanthon.
Although I didn't see it happening any time soon; he was a senior, and so
was the other kid, but I wasn't. I was a junior at the time.Every so often for the rest of the day, I would steal glimpses over at him
to lolit forums look free lolitta gallery at his refined young body. He always wore baggy clothing, so I
never saw much of the main parts. But I could tell by the way his pants lay
on his legs and his shirt wrapped around him that he was proportionate; not
something you can say for free xxx loli passwords a lot of the boys in that school.*** A few months later, after having spent hours staring at him....I was on my way to PM school to work on making up part of a credit I needed
towards English. I had decided to go a little late, little loli pictures since the hours were
quite flexible. Come and go as you lolit 14 years sex wish, between tender loli porn 3 and 6 at night.I was about to turn loli girl nud tgp the corner to my classroom when I noticed something out
of place laying at the bottom of the steps loli photography
just inside the entry way at
door 15. There were only 3 steps there, so it couldn't have been that bad,
I thought.I walked over and found Chanthon laying motionless, sprawled out as if to
indicate a fall. I rushed down the steps to him and checked for signs of
breathing. Thank God, he was still breathing. I checked his pulse next,
since I had recently gone through CPR training in my Health class. His
pulse seemed normal. I tried gently lolit teen model shaking his arm and talking usenet loli petite to him to
get him to come to."Chan? Chanthon? You there, man?"No answer. Maybe cold water top 100 loli model would help. I had my water bottle with, which
was a handy coincidence. I sprayed a quick burst onto his face, lolicon underage trying not
to get his clothing wet, and trying to use too powerful of a stream. He
felt that, and began to come to."What the hell? What happened?" he asked, sounding half-confused,
half-knowingly."I don't know man, maybe you can tell lolis tgp me." I said, since he was clearly
awake and lucid."Aww, shit, man. I think it was this new med that I'm on. Shit for
depression. They said it might cause sudden blackouts. I'm gettin' off that
shit. Just started brazil loli kid porn this morning.""Good idea." I said, little lolits nacked not really knowing loli schoolgirl what else to say.He preteem loli pedo small
got up an slowly real porn loli pedo
gathered his things."You gonna be alright, Chanthon?" I asked."Yeah, I think. It's the first time that's happened." he replied.He stood up and looked me top lolifuck in the indien loli eyes."Thanks for bringin' me around, Eric."I looked loli non nude
back at him, with his eyes suddenly soft and inviting. I choked on
my loli porno free reply."Ye-, yeah, no problem."He turned around to leave, then stopped."Would you mind walking with me till I get home, just in case that happens
again?"Um, wow. I thought in my head. I felt I was jumping the gun, thinking his
eyes had softened. Now little loli pic I was really jumping the gun thinking that walking
him loliza video
home was anything free loli teen hentai more than insurance."Sure. Where do you live, anyhow?" I asked."Over sweet lolite movie
on Dupont and forty-first, by the old abandoned elementary school.
You?""Dupont and forty-seventh.""Really? How hot lolit vids
long have you lived there?""About 12 years. I lived in Brooklyn Center before that. We live in a house
that's about a hundred years old. I assume yours is, too?""No, ours burned down last year. We had a new girls lolits
one built in it's
place. Thankfully, we all got out alive and okay, including our dog.""That's good." I said.We had reached Dupont and 39th, so it was only a couple more blocks.We walked in silence till we got to his house, where a kid who appeared to
be tights loli his younger brother sat on the steps, clearly pissed off."No keys again, I assume?" Chanthon taunted."Gee Sherlock, what was your first clue?" the kid replied."Eric, this is Chantha, my younger brother. Chantha, this is Eric." he
said, introducing the two of us for the first time."Hi." I said to him. "What school do you go to and what grade?""Same as you, but I'm a freshman."Ah, how I loved that term "fresh-man". In his case, it appeared lolit jpeg
true. He
was about portal loli young five inches shorter than Chan, but other than that, looked as
though they could be identical twins."We're gonna head upstairs for a while to work loli preeteens on some things," Chanthon
said as he opened the door, "just stay downstairs and don't piss around
with the fish. Dad got really pissed off for that last time.""Nah, I'm not stayin' home. I'm gonna go hang with some friends. Not sure
where we're goin' or what we'll do, so top pedo loli extreme I'll bring my phone."Chantha set down his school stuff in the entry way and proceeded upstairs
in a hell of a hurry, returning quickly with his cell phone in his loli fuck with dogs hand."See ya." He shouted loli brazil bbs
on his way out."I thought I was just walking you home, not staying or anything?" I said,
trying not to sound as though I wanted preteen lolits kds to stay, which I very badly did."That was the plan, but I was hoping you'd stay for a while since my
brother won't be here to watch me." he said."You said I was staying before he told you he was leaving." I pointed sexy loli tgp out,
trying to peel away the layers of what I thought was a lie."He usually model list underteen loli does this. He'll japan child models loli get pissed and then leave.""Okay," I replied, trying not to push the subject. "So what are we gonna
do?""Well, we've got our speeches for class, and I've got teen pics lolipop my own computer
upstairs in my room.... we could work on those for a while.""Allright." y.o. loli fucked I managed loli ukrainian to squeak out. Man, Chanthon's room, and I'll be in
it? I might blow my load loli pedo top50
right at the freakin' door. I'm not expecting
anything, but just to thumbs lolicon be in his "domain" if you will. Wow...We walked up the steps after having peeled off our coats and dropping them
on the floor in the front room. We jogged up the steps to his room. I
hadn't realized how large the house was. There were at least five rooms
upstairs. His lolicon nonnude
was the second door on the left. Before we got to the door, I
noticed a keyed lock on it."Brother a pain loli tities in the ass, I assume?" loli boys bbs
I said, pointing to the lock."That's half of it. Sometimes it's just to keep my parents loli freedom bbs
out.""And they don't mind?""Not really. They bitched at first, man, but they dark dream lolicon got over it.""Mine would sooner remove my door than let me have a lock. Fuckin' idiots."He lolits for free opened it up and led me in. He had a good lolicon young boys queen-sized bed (no pun
intended), a chest of drawers, a TV stand lolipop tgp
with his own frickin' 27" Sony, a
PS2, and his computer desk with the system, a printer, a scanner, and a
speaker & subwoofer audio set. This was a sweet set up."You can go ahead and start on yours. I'm gonna take a shower." he said.
There was something strange about how he loli hentai flash
said it, though. He paused
somewhat on the word "shower" and looked directly at me. I couldn't be sure
if that meant anything or not, so I just said "'K."He stripped to his boxers to get ready for lolitta nudes the shower. I quickly sat down
at his computer to help hide the instant-on erecti-on I got from seeing
this beautiful man undress in front of me. My cock was throbbing so hard I
could feel it with every beat. The strain on my jeans made it hurt like
hell.I watched him look over at me slightly and catch himself before he left the
room. He seemed lolit sluts fucked as though he didn't want to leave, freexxx loli pic links
but only slightly, like
he was forgetting something. "Yeah," I thought to my daddy fucking loli movies
self. "You're missing
me."I brought his system out of standby while he headed across the hall to the
bathroom. It bbs imageboard loli teen came up quickly, which was surprising. lolitta video tgp I had no sooner click
"Microsoft Word" on the desktop when an idea occurred to me.What if underground newstar loli he had been visiting porn sites? ftp lolicon Would he know to erase that shit
in the History?I checked the history folder in the web browser. Nothin'. Which meant he
had cleaned it out, or never used it. I believed the former to be true. I
browsed around on his drive for the "Cookies" folder. There were all sorts
of them. I left the folder and went to the built-in "Find Files" feature. I
directed it to the cookies folder and told it to search for "gay". It
returned 42 results! I couldn't believe it!I looked through the titles, and sure enough, they were free loli flash game
from gay porn
sites, some of which I knew well.That was it. The time for waiting was over. I had to have Chanthon, and
now. My cock would have loli 15yr old
busted if I were to wait any longer. I stripped to
my boxers and slipped out the door, and over into the bathroom. I removed
my boxers and slid them to the corner."This is it," I thought to myself. "I'm gonna lolite fuck video
see Chanthon nude."
Well, this concludes Chapter 1 of Me & Chan. I hope you enjoyed it. I realize I have just started a series of chapters in a story, and
that I told you I was going to continue writing the story. This is true;
however, the stories could be anywhere up to a couple of months in between,
although it will probably never get that distant. I also noticed while reading back through my last story that some of
the grammar may have been bad (such as using "where" in place of "were",
which was an accident), underage preteen pedo lolitta and that I tend to skip from subject to subject
without finishing the last one. For instance, I sometimes start with
describing one thing, and get so excited that I skip right to the next
thing without finishing the last. (See, even *I* lolit pink
get excited by my
stories!)Anyhow, in respect to courtesy to my readers, I will try to loli dark portal focus more
while writing the chapters and weave quality into my work. I just need to
slow down, and, more importantly, proof-read my work before I send it to
Nifty.Please, I need your comments, suggestions, board cp loli questions, everything! If you
have something to say to me, young hairless loli pussy
please do. I need your feedback to get the
ball rolling. Email me at gaybekenobiyahoo.comThank You
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