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Masters of the Maze 2
Masters of the Maze
The following story contains some sexual
scenes between an adult man and a minor boy.
If for some reason, this offends you, than
read no further. I will welcome all responses
and flames will be cheerfully ignored and
then blasted into space. Please send comments
Enjoy the story.
Quace awoke with a start, sitting bolt upright,
bathed in sweat. The dream had been so vivid,
that doujin bbs free
even now he questioned the validity
of his sons' deaths.
He had been running towards the sound of
their young voices, distant and unseen. Eventually
he had caught sight of them off in the distance.
He had begun to run harder, his heartbeat
quickening to match his pace, the image of
his boys growing fainter with each step taken
until they disappeared altogether. Even the
voices had grown quieter until vanishing
as well.
For a few moments he sat there numb, firmly
believing that his boys were not gone, merely
misplaced and in desperate need of sexy thai bbs his love
and attention. In need of rescue.
A slight moan brought him from his reverie
and he shook the dream from his mind. A glance
to his side found Kyler huddled under a small
blanket, Quace's jacket still balled up under
his head.
A pang of guilt surfaced, accusing Quace
of abandoning the boy during the night, but
was soon quelled by the knowledge that had
he lain with the boy, he would have awakened
him in his nocturnal stirrings.
The boy lay on his back, head tilted towards
Quace, mouth slightly opened. Quace felt
the stirrings of desire begin to resurface
and tried to push them back into the dark
recesses of his mind. But they would not
be contained and double their attack, flooding
him with a burning desire bbs board naturism
to kiss this lovely
boy and to caress the silken skin.
Noticing that Thor was gone, the possibilities
of guilt disappeared altogether and he slowly
advanced on the sleeping boy, his emotions
running rampant.
If anyone bbs forum nn had ever touched his boys like
this, he would have killed them without preamble,
and yet, here he was with a like mindset.
He desired this boy and it went against every
grain in his body, yet it didn't. If it truly
had, he would have plunged himself off the
cliff face he had rescued the boy from.
Slowly pulling the blanket from the sleeping
boy, he allowed his eyes to roam over his
inert form, watching his shallow breathing
and wondering what it would be like to roam
his bbs girls models hands over the youngster's naked body.
Every fiber of his being that warned him
to refrain from this course of action, also
screamed at him to pursue it at the same
time. He tried to picture one of his sons
lying there hoping that the image would chase
away these foreign feelings, but the image
would not surface. He had never had these
feelings before and they both confused and
angered him.
Gently, he grabbed the zipper just below
the boy's neck and began to slide it downward.
Kyler's face was inches from his, his lips
slightly parted and his left hand lying just
above his head, small hand cupped in piss bbs movie sleep,
as if to hide something in his palm.
The zipper reached the sleeping boys crotch
and Quace stopped it just below the navel.
Freed from the restraints of the zipper,
the fabric had bbs forum pic young
slid down each side of the
boy's chest, exposing twin dime sized nipples
the color of a Hershey's Kiss. Leaning into
Kyler's chest, Quace kissed each of the small
morsels and then gently licked each one,
running his tounge over each tender bump.
His mind was racing but the guilt did not
return. Had his guilt at losing his own boys
been taken to a new level? Was he so upset
about the loss of his own sons, that he was
now somehow acting out some previously hidden
sexual fantasies in a vain attempt to keep
this boy?
Cupping Kyler's soft cheek with his bestiality password bbs forum right
hand, Quace pressed his lips to the boy's
and slid his tounge between them, lovingly
tasting the inner moistness, his mind still
refusing to believe what his body was acting
Suddenly, Kyler's tounge responded to his
kiss, pushing itself into Quace's mouth.
Simultaneously, the boy's small hands sprang
to life and clasped themselves together behind
the big man's head, as if in an effort to
pull him closer.
The flash of guilt at being caught flashed
through Quace's mind, but disappeared just
as quickly, replaced with a strange sense
of relief. Had he wished the boy to awaken
and respond in this manner or was he just
"Well, I'm glad to see that the two
of you are getting better acquainted, but
we really must be moving along if we are
to save the remaining three Prince's."
Thor's voice boomed in his head, shredding
the moment of pleasure and snapping Quace
back to reality. He begin to pull himself
from Kyler's embrace, but the boy clung to
him, refusing to allow the moment to end.
For a brief moment, Quace entertained the
idea of following his lead, but realized
that Thor was right. Three boys still remained
held hostage in this madman's paradise and
time was not their friend to begin with.
Any time spent indulging in the pleasures
of the flesh with one boy would do nothing
to assist in the search for the remaining
The rules of this game seemed to be changing
constantly and Quace realized that he would
need to face these changes wordlessly and
rapidly if the remaining three boys were
to be found within the parameters set by
Gently, he pulled Kyler's hands from around
him. The boy's brilliant blue eyes were focused
on his. "Don't leave me Quace. I love
you." he murmured.
Quace kissed him on the forehead. "I'm
not going anywhere that you can't go, little
man." he replied and offered him a conspiratorial
Kyler smiled his gap toothed smile and Quace
suddenly knew that this little boy and his
three friends would somehow change his life
for the better. He stood and brushed the
dirt from his jeans and tossed a glance at
Thor. The big cat's eyes twinkled back at
him as if in understanding. There was no
hint of accusation anywhere in his eyes or
in his demeanor that would indicate future
betrayal of this little secret. In fact,
Quace sensed that Thor approved of this little
tryst. Either way, Quace felt a sense of
relief wash over him.
Kyler reached down, clasped the zipper that
Quace had relocated and slowly pulled it
back up to his neck. Pulling himself into
a sitting position, he began sunbbs ls land to stand.
Quace quickly knelt beside him. "Whoa
there cowboy. You have a broken ankle there."
he said, pointing towards the now melted
ice pack that remained tied dream bbs model
to the small
"But I feel no pain at all." the
boy replied.
Those puppy dog eyes were going to be the
death of me yet, Quace thought. He ignored
the chuckle of agreement offered by Thor
and looked into Kyler's eyes. "You dark ped illegal bbs
feel no pain, but that doesn't little russia bbs mean that
the ankle isn't still broken. You took a
nasty little fall back there and a little
piece of rope saved your life."
Kyler pecked him on the cheek, sending another
surge of warmth through him. "You saved
my life, Quace and I love you."
"You won't love me very much if that
ankle never heals properly." Quace stated
matter of fatly, his love for this boy growing
with each passing moment. "How about
you ride Thor for a while, until such time
as that ankle begins to heal?"
Kyler's eyes lit up. "I can ride the
big pussycat?" he asked, the smile spreading
across his slightly freckled face.
Quace returned the smile along with another
knowing wink. "Of course you do. Someone
needs to keep him from chasing every mouse
that we pass along the way."
Thor said nothing, but a quick look into
his eyes couldn't belie the mirth that flickered
there. For a moment Quace found himself jealous
of the big cat. Kyler would be closer to
Thor than he bbs shit would be to Quace, yet Quace
knew that this must be. Should something
happen suddenly in this bizarre world, he
would need to react immediately. He would
have a limited reaction time as it was, but
a boy on his back would decrease his reaction
time exponentially.
Lifting the boy into his arms, he set him
onto Thor's back. Kyler quickly hunkered
down, laying forward and wrapping his arms
around the panther's neck, his feet dangling
just above the dirt floor of the cave.
Quace gathered the items that would be needed
for the trip and dropped them into the bag.
Ordinarily, he would gather the garbage as
well, but the need for conservation seemed
to be far fetched for him now. Garbage would
only weigh down the bag and may wind up costing
him valuable time. The need remained to travel
as lightly as possible and remnants bbs imageboard of their
time here did not thumbnail galleries bbs enter into the equation.
With Quace in the lead, they exited the cave.
The first half of the day went uneventful.
They walked for miles, trudging along slowly
and cautiously. Quace took point, his solar
pistol drawn, while Thor advanced along behind,
Kyler firmly wrapped around him.
At one point, forbidden lol bbs the path forked into two separate
directions. Turning to Thor, Quace inquired
as to which path to take. For a moment, Thor
pondered this query, eventually suggesting
they move to the right.
"You know every inch of this maze, yet
you pondered our direction. May I inquire
as to why?" Quace asked, slightly confused.
"My knowledge of this maze is not unlimited.
The maze itself is my domain, yet many of
the rooms that lie beyond it are not. I rely
on my senses to guide me in the direction
of the best places to forage. As such, it
is this intuition that suggests we move to
the right. My senses indicate that something
lies in wait for us up ahead that only the
act of confronting it will assist us in our
These words sat heavy with Quace. His concern
for Kyler's safety had taken hold and the
uncertainty in the panther's statement made
him yearn for an easy out. bbs foum teen Pushing these
thoughts aside, he realized that Thor's direction
was the only solid lead that any of them
had. Besides, he trusted the animal implicitly.
Had he not, he never would have allowed Kyler
to ride atop him.
With a nod of approval, he ventured down
the path to the right, Thor directly behind
him. The thickness of the foliage was beginning
to annoy him. It seemed that every other
branch and thicket had been created for the
sole purpose of attacking him at every opportunity.
His annoyance was short lived as a small
figure suddenly darted across the path in
front of him, bursting from the heavy underbrush
on one side and disappearing into the thick
safety of the other, all in the flash of
an eye.
The image still registering in his mind,
Quace suddenly bolted into the underbrush
after the figure, unconcerned for fashion bbs models his safety
and no longer annoyed by the prick of every
other thicket. He pushes his way headlong
through the heavy foliage, his mind set on
locating this new addition to the story unfolding
around him. Maybe this creature or whatever
it may be would have some answers, or maybe
it would opt for a fight to the death. Either
way, Quace would find it and answer a question
or two.
As quickly as he had entered the thicket,
he had exited on the other side. He was standing
in a bbs kids lola real
small clearing, roughly the size of
the one that he had originally awakened in,
only this clearing had no path to betray
its discovery or act as an outlet.
At the opposite end of the small clearing
stood a bbs toplist
dwarf clad in a chainmail bbs young gallery armor vest
hastily draped over a worn nylon jumpsuit
and an orange scarf wrapped twice around
his thick neck and hanging loosely at each
side. Atop his head sat an old fashioned
aviators cap, complete with goggles.
"Cannot be! Cannot be! Fixed maze, I
did! Just as asked, just as promised!"
the dwarf barked, his small wire framed glasses,
bobbing up and down atop his bulbous nose
as he spoke.
Quace stood transfixed at the bbs gallery tgp
sight of this
odd little man. He had encountered alot since
first arriving on this barbie models bbs strange ship, but
this would have to take the cake in comparison.
For a moment, he entertained the idea that
this may, in fact, be one of the boys attempting
to outwit the Mazemaster, but thought better
of it and discarded the idea altogether.
"Who are you?" he asked the dwarf.
The small man began to shake. "Kill
me bbs adult rusian not! Maze not completely fixed, but time
not friend. This time tomorrow, maze fixed
right!" he responded.
"Dingo, you little shit, open the path."
the voice of Thor boomed into Quace's head.
"Oh my, oh my." the dwarf uttered
nervously, kicking a nearby rock. With a
slight whoosh, the foliage behind Quace parted
slightly and Thor strolled through in a nonchalant
manner, Kyler still draped over his back.
"Thor not happy with Dingo. Dingo explain."
the dwarf stumbled backwards as he spoke,
a small quiver of arrows and a bow falling
from the hidden spot on hacked xxx bbs his back and crashing
to the grass.
Thor's eyes twinkled at the sight of the
frightened dwarf. He turned to look at Quace.
"Meet Dingo. He's a stowaway on this
ship and if memory serves me correctly, he
has a map of the entire maze, including portions
of it that I am unfamiliar with. You see,
Dingo here is a scavenger and he maps out
new parts of the ship as he raids them."
Quace was confused. "Then why does he
believe that we are here to harm him for
not attending to the maze properly?"
he asked.
Thor shifted his stance slightly. It was
obvious that the added weight of Kyler on
his back was beginning to take its toll on
him. Quace lifted the boy from the cat and
sat on the ground, Kyler in his lap.
"I thank you and my back thanks you."
the panther telepathed. Returning his gaze
towards Dingo, he continued. "You see,
the Mazemaster knows that he is aboard and
allows him these little raiding parties just
as long as they don't intrude into the controlled
areas of the ship. In return, he insists
that Dingo keep up with the maze, grooming
it as it were. He believes that I am an enforcer
of sorts and that any stepping out of the
boundaries will be dealt harshly with by
"Cool! A real midget!" Kyler chuckled,
adjusting himself in Quace's lap and sending
another wave of desire through the big man.
"Dingo wagged his finger at castle bbs
the boy,
his beady eyes narrowing and his bulbous
nose growing red as he did. "Dingo a
dwarf, not a midget!" he admonished.
"Big difference." he spread his
short arms as wide as they would go in a
vain attempt to illustrate his point.
Quace doubled over backwards in laughter,
falling onto his back an taking the petite bbs posts giggling
Kyler with him. For a few moments, the two
of them laughed solidly.
Composing himself, Quace sat upright and
gave Kyler a gentle squeeze.
"Dingo will only hear what I wish him
to hear, so let's allow him to continue believing
in my enforcer status. I think he will be
more inclined to be more cooperative that
Dingo stood there silent and red faced with
mock rage at having been called a midget,
yet powerless to react without fear of retribution
from Thor.
"Go into your warren and pack a bag
little man. We are going on a hunt and I
need a navigator. You just volunteered."
the cat telepathed his message to Dingo.
Dingo's eyes boys bbs imgboard
grew wide. His gnarled hands
rubbed his stubby chin thoughtfully as if
this would offer him a second choice. "Mazemaster
know of this?" he asked as if to give
himself an edge.
"Get your bag, little man." Thor
repeated threateningly.
Abandoning any hope of other options, the
dwarf quickly turned and disappeared into
a small hole, making odd grunting noises
as he descended into its depths.
"What if he tries to get away?"
Kyler asked. "I can go in after him
and make sure that he doesn't."
Quace smiled down at the boy. His innocence
was refreshing. In his world, he could easily
scramble into the hole after the dwarf and
insure that he returned through the same
opening, undoubtedly invoking Thor's name
in doing so.
"Somehow, I believe that he will be
popping that ugly little head of his out
very shortly. I really don't think he feels
like meeting up with Thor again and having
to explain his actions to either him or the
Mazemaster, do you?"
The boy shook his blond head vigorously and
settled into Quace's lap.
So much like his youngest teens bbs post son, Quace thought.
The boy was constantly seeking some form
of escape from the rigors of shipboard life.
He would lose himself in a world of books,
becoming the character and sharing his adventures
along side his current hero. Kyler was so
much like him, trusting in the innocence
of youth and believing that the bad guy was
always caught. Little boys in trouble would
always be rescued in the nick of time, just
as had happened yesterday. bbs fucking

Quace kissed the boy on the top of his head,
inhaling the fragrance of his scalp, and
Kyler nestled deeper into him, secure in
the knowledge that he was safe and that soon,
his friends would be as well.
Dingo reappeared, grunting and groaning comically
as he exited the entrance to the warren,
dragging a rather large leather rucksack
behind him. Standing, he brushed off his
short body. "Things Dingo finds go in
here." he pointed to the rucksack. With
a small effort, he hefted the bag over his
shoulder, a rough task as the bag was nearly
as large as he. From a side pocket on the
bag, he extracted junior bbs nude a worn burlap map and spread
it out on the grass. Quace, Kyler and Thor
all gathered around as the dwarf began his
little speech.
"Sixteen hidden rooms in maze. Some
rooms bbs petite angels empty, but defloration in bbs
maybe that change."
Quace furrowed his brow. "Why sixteen
rooms? Why not ten or fifteen rooms?"
he asked.
Dingo raised his hand into the air, his finger
pointed skyward, giving him the appearance
of a boy in school who knew the answer and
wished to be selected to inform the rest
of the class. "Maze not geometrical
in any form. One dimension separated from
another by door. Go from jungle to cave or
from hallway to catwalk, just by opening
door. Sixteen rooms fit into non geometric
pattern." he explained, his round face
brightening as he did. Quace got the feeling
that this little man now felt the need to
belong to this group, even without the coercion
factor applied by Thor.
"Dingo asks boy what room looks like."
Kyler looked up at Quace, as if seeking approval
and the big man nodded.
"It was like a hospital room. It was
white with nothing but a metal table, and
only one door."
Suddenly, Dingo jabbed the map with his thick
and stubby finger. "Aha! Three rooms
like that in area here." he cried out
in triumph. It sounded to Quace as young teen cp bbs
if the
dwarf expected them to believe that he had
just solved all of their problems with one
stab of a finger, but his skepticism prevailed.
It would not be that easy.
"We take this path to tunnel and then
to room." the dwarf said, sitting back
on his haunches and smiling a crooked smile.
"Then let's not waste any time gloating."
Thor said. "We have little time as it
"I'm hungry." commented Kyler,
patting his stomach to emphasize his point.
In a heartbeat, Dingo was at another pocket
in his rucksack. Pulling out a long leathery
looking slice of something, he handed it
to Kyler.
His fatherly instinct and newfound concern
for the boy's safety took over and Quace
plucked the thing from Dingo's outstretched
hand. "What is this?" he queried,
eyeing the little man suspiciously.
"Dingo recipe. Best rabbit jerky around.
None better." he reached out and plucked
the meat back from Quace, tore off a piece
and popped it into bbs russian prteen
his mouth, chewing it
vigorously. He handed it back to Quace, who
took it. He ripped a piece off for himself,
sniffed at it and then slowly slid it into
his mouth. Maybe his concern was over the
top, but the need to protect this boy was
a feeling that he couldn't shake. he doubted
that Dingo would try and poison them, but
he needed to be sure, even cute girl bbs if it meant tasting
all of the dwarf's food.
It tasted very good and Quace suddenly remembered
how hungry he really was. He passed the meat
to bbs naked modles
Kyler who quickly made history of the
remainder of it. The smile on his face told
Quace everything that he wanted to hear.
Dingo extracted a second slab of the jerky
from the pocket and passed it around. Quace
passed on the second round, offering his
share to the boy, who readily accepted it,
thanking both him and the dwarf.
With most of their animated sex bbs appetites sated, they
made their way towards the first three of
the sixteen rooms that held the possibility
of discovery.
Dingo took point, strolling along as if on
nothing more than an afternoon walk. Thor
followed, Kyler wrapped around him and Quace
took up the rear, his eyes searching every
thicket for the possibility of ambush. Krost
had mentioned that he may be able to teleport
himself aboard the ship undetected, but had
made no guarantees in regard to discovery
once aboard. If something were to happen,
Quace was ready.
The path forked again and Dingo veered to
the left without hesitation, leading them
into a section of the maze where the foliage
began to block out tgp young bbs toplist the artificial sky, forming
a tunnel of sorts. Quace felt himself tense
as the dwarf continued into what appeared
to be an opening in a rock face. In one sense,
he welcomed the enclosure, laboring under
the premise that they were now free from
prying eyes. Yet he maintained his vigilance,
equally aware that closer quarters made for
easier and more robbs celebrities oops deadly ambushes.
A string of dimly lit bulbs hung from a battered
cord bolted into the ceiling of the rock
tunnel. Dingo stopped and turned to face
the rest of the party. "Dingo's idea.
Make navigation easier. No hurt makes better
headway." he proclaimed, pointing towards
the bulbs with pride.
"Let's hope that the bulbs hold out."
Thor mumbled. "Otherwise you may burn
out as quickly as they." He could sense
Kyler stifle a chuckle at the thought of
what may be going through the dwarf's mind.
Like Quace, he was amazed at the innocence
of youth. Often times, things taken seriously
by adult creatures were approached in a lighter
sense by the younger of the species and Kyler
was no exception. Thor knew that the boy
wished no harm to Dingo, but found the situation
that the little man found himself in to be
humorous and Thor telepathically thanked
him for not bursting into fits of laughter.
Another few hundred feet down the tunnel,
Dingo stopped again, this time motioning
for Quace to come forward. The big man wasted
no time in passing Thor and virgin models bbs the boy. He knelt
by Dingo and followed the pointing finger.
They were at the entrance to a "T"
shaped tunnel, the corridor up ahead running
across the end of the one they now occupied.
"Dingo come this far. No sure where
those lead. Balls get shrinked with each
approach." he offered Quace a wan smile.
"So what do we do now?" Quace asked.
"Like Dingo say, no geometric pattern
exist in here." He explained that following
the tunnel up ahead could lead to a dead
end or a beach, but since he had never ventured
that far, he was uncertain.
"I'm not looking for a beach or a dead
end, Dingo. I'm looking for a room like the
one that Kyler described to you back in the
clearing." Quace stated.
Dingo continued on as if he had not heard
Quace at all. "This youngporn bbs topsite design good. It
keep unwanted away from inner workings of
ship. Any visitor get easily confused and
lose way quickly. Maze gobble up many. Mazemaster
smart like that." he tapped his temple
with a stubby finger.
Quace remained silent, sensing that Dingo
felt a need to prepare him for something
that may happen up ahead.
Instead of ranting on, Dingo grabbed a small
branch sprouting from the top of a pile of
nearby rocks. Suddenly illegals boys bbs the wall beside Quace
began to slide to one side as if built on
tracks. Showering Quace with rock dust and
small bits of rock, the wall opened up, thudding
to a stop and revealing a metal door.
Jumping up in down in glee, Dingo exclaimed,
"Room one! Room one!"
Without awaiting further developments, Quace
reached for the doorknob and turned it. The
door yielded without use of force and swung
Kyler recoiled at the sight of the room,
his frightening memories returning to him
in floods. He had said that nothing had been
done to him while in the room, but the memories
of the isolation were proving to be too much
for him and he began to sob.
Resisting the urge to take the boy into his
arms, Quace ushered Thor into the sterile
looking room. The boy increased his hold
on the cat and burrowed his face into his
Without warning, a laserblast exploded beside
Quace's bbs nnude junior
head, shattering a section of the
tunnel and peppering him with small chunks
of rock. The sound of Kyler's screaming tore
through him and for a moment he entertained
the idea of running to him and scooping the
boy into his arms. Quickly, he chased those
thoughts away. Whatever was firing at them
needed to be dealt with immediately and consoling
the boy would allow the attacker the window
needed to put an end to this entire search
and real site dark bbs rescue mission. Besides, Thor was quite
capable of taking care of the boy, now that
the both of them were safely ensconced in
the room. Quace returned his attention to
facing his unseen enemy.
Another laserblast singed the leather of
his jacket and powdering bbs nude free the rock beyond
"Oh my! Oh my! Cybots have found us."
squealed Dingo.
>From the intersection of the tunnel, a small
mechanical figure appeared. It stood no more
than three feet tall and hovered just above
the floor of the tunnel. Quace made out what
appeared to be lol fuck bbs a rotating laser turret mounted
to the top of the thing. Before he could
react, another round purged itself of the
machine and hit Dingo square in the chest,
throwing him against the wall, the map flying
from his hand.
With a reflex action borne more from desperation
than from skill, Quace adjusted the setting
on his solar pistol and fired off five rounds
in quick succession, each blast catching
the cybot and dropping it to the dusty floor
of the tunnel.
Snatching the map from the floor, Quace stuffed
it into his jacket pocket and reached for
Dingo. His effort was cut short by a new
round of laserblasts from a second cybot.
"S-save boy" Dingo stammered in
pain. "Take bag."
Another blast disintegrated a section of
the wall near Quace. Dingo's bag had been
thrown from his body and lay russian top bbs 100
at Quace's feet.
Snatching it up, he retreated backwards into
the room, his eyes scanning the tunnel for
any other cybots. Taking aim at the rocky
archway above the opening to the room, Quace
fired a rapid succession of shots into it,
then jumped back and slammed the door shut,
sliding the deadbolt home. The sound of the
collapsing bbs shock porn
opening on the other side of the
door reverberated through the room.
Effectively, they were sealed in preeteen model bbs links
this room
and Dingo was gone.
Kyler had 14yo bbs pulled himself from Thor and sat
in a corner of the room, his knees drawn
up, his broken ankle forgotten. His head
was buried in his arms and he was sobbing.
His childlike view of the situation was gone,
overtaken by the gravity of the situation.
In a more peaceful situation, he could offer
suggestions and be a player in the game,
but the reality of bbs schoolgirl image
this situation had caught
up to him in a manner that he was unable
to deal with.
Determining that they were safe for a moment,
Quace sat next to little sex bbs the boy and gently pulled
him into his arms, comforting him the best
he could. This boy had seen more grim reality
in the last five minutes than either of his
boys had in their entire lifetimes.
"I need a strong boy to help me get
out of this sticky problem that I've got
going on here." he whispered into the
boy's ear.
Kyler lifted his tear stained face to his.
Quace knew that he would be able to bbs nude list wipe
away the tears, but the fear would remain
for some time. For now, stopping the tears
would have to do.
Kyler sniffled and wiped his tears on his
sleeve. He was still scared, but he trusted
Quace enough to nod his approval and understanding.
Rising to his feet, Quace quickly conferred
with Thor. "What the hell were those
things?" he asked, his eyes scanning
the room frantically for another means of
"A remarkable piece of machinery actually,
" replied Thor in a low enough tone
as to not alarm Kyler. "They do not
think or reason and they do not discriminate."
Quace ran his hand through his thick black
hair. He had found no evidence of a secondary
exit from this room, but his mind refused
to give in to defeat. His eyes returned to
"Just what the hell is it that they
do?" he asked.
Thor turned his head towards the door and
then back to Quace. "They hate."
A series of laserblasts slammed into the
only entrance to this makeshift tomb and
Kyler began to recoil, reverting back to
the stance that Quace had just talked him
out of. Resisting the urge naturisten bbs to go to him a
second time, Quace wondered if Thor would
watch him momentarily.
"One step ahead of you, my friend."
the big cat was already on his way to offer
Another blast from the tunnel outside rocked
the small room, knocking acoustical tiles
to the floor. Quace forced himself to tune
out the frightened cries of the boy and the
soothing voice of Thor as the panther cooed
to him. Krost's statements about crushing
a boy's wrist with his new arm came flooding
back to him. In bbs teen list an instant, a thought was
formed into a plan and Quace sprang into
action. The blasts from outside were coming
only on occasion, as if the cybots in the
tunnel were toying with their prey before
moving in for the kill.
Working with a bbs top tits renewed sense of purpose,
Quace made use of his cybernetic arm. One
by one he ripped each leg of the metal examining
table from the bolts that held teen bbs young
them to the
floor. Dragging the table to one corner of
the room, he leaped atop it. Reaching up,
he slid the acoustical panel above him back
and began to punch away at the concrete surface
of the ceiling, showering himself with dust
as he did. The map had not indicated any
signs of other rooms anywhere near this one,
but this was the front line in Dingo's quest
to map the entire maze and the rooms beyond.
He has never made it beyond this point so
it was bbs kds little anybody's game at this point. Quace
had no idea as to what lie above. It was
entirely possible that he would still be
digging when the cybots finally broke through
the barrier he had made, killing them all.
But Quace was not a quitter. After the death
of his family, he had come close to the brink
of quitting and had even mentioned as much
to Krost's image on the vidscreen, but he
now knew that he never would have crossed
that threshold.
Another round of blasts hammered away at
the entryway and Quace redoubled his efforts.
What was left of his shoulder ached like
hell and younger bbs voyeur
the hammering of his heart against
his chest was matched only by the occasional
blast that shook the room.
He was three feet into the concrete when
the lights went out in response to the latest
blast from the tunnel beyond. He no longer
heard the sobs of Kyler or the comforting
words of Thor. He focused on the task at
hand. Doing something was better than doing
nothing and if they were to die right here
and now, it would not be due to any inaction
on his part.
His next punch was met with less resistance
and the punch after that was rewarded with
a sliver of light. Saving the victory top young bbs dance
for later, Quace began to widen the breakthrough
and eventually, artificial light from the
room above spilled into the darkened interior
of this room. Putting the finishing touches
on the width of this newfound escape cp kdz bbs
he leapt from the table and crossed the room
to Thor and the boy. Lifting Kyler into his
arms, Quace addressed the panther. "I'm
gonna lift you through first. Make sure the
room is secure and then I'll pass Kyler through
to you. Can you do that?"
"As long as there is no water, there
is no problem. Water equals problems for
me." the big cat replied, that twinkle
appearing in his eyes again. With those words,
he mounted the table. Standing on his hind
legs, he placed his front paws on the upper
edge of the escape route and took a few moments
to judge the thrust he would need to pass
through. kiddie bbs sex
Like a coiled spring, he launched
himself through the opening into the room
above. Another round of blasts hit the door
and it began to buckle under the strain of
the onslaught. Quace knew that it was only
a matter of time before the cybots broke
through. bbs naked pictures With the sobbing boy in his arms,
he climbed atop the table.
"I really could use a big boy like you
to help me check out this new hideout that
I found. Can you do that for me?" he
whispered into the boys ear.
Without waiting for an answer, he thrust
the boy up into the opening that he had dug.
The boy responded just as Quace had anticipated.
His small arms reached up and found each
of Thor's paws. Gripping them tightly, he
allowed the cat to pull him through the opening
to safety.
Another blast slammed into the weakening
door. Quace reached up, gripped the edge
of the opening and pulled himself through.
Once safely in the room above, he turned
and reentered the opening, this time head
first, the jagged edge of the freshly punched
concrete digging into his midsection painfully.
With a final stretch, he reached for the
edge of the bbs girl nn examining table, catching it
on the third attempt. With a degree of effort
he didn't realize he possessed, he lifted
the table from the floor of the room and
begin cp bbs xxx to swing it back and forth. It swayed
slowly at first, but eventually gathered
momentum and soon it was swinging freely.
Releasing it on cue, Quace strained to watch
its trajectory as it sailed towards the ever
weakening door. It hit the door with a loud
clang and dropped to the floor.
Wriggling backwards up through the opening,
Quace slid the acoustical panel that he had
moved originally, back into place. Thor had
told him that these cybots were incapable
of thought or reason, but he wasn't taking
any chances. Should these floating death
machines have onboard cameras, they might
record the location of the table and the
dust accumulated on it. An observer on the
other end of the camera may be able to put
two and two together and locate their escape
route immediately. By tossing the table into
the door and replacing the panel, Quace zeps pages bbs
hoped to buy them some time.
"Quace, you had better take a look at
this." Thor's voice.
He was up in a heartbeat, his attention focussing
on the center of the room.
"Wake up Ari." Kyler was leaning
over a small inert form on a table similar
to the one he had just tossed away in the
room below. "You can't die Ari. I won't
let you." the boy young model bbs art sobbed, his small
head buried in the chest of the figure on
the table.
Circling around to the other side of the
table, Quace noticed a boy of Kyler's age
lying on the table. He seemed to be asleep,
but Kyler was under the impression that he
was dead. Gently, Quace lifted the boys limp
wrist and felt for a pulse. It was faint,
but it was there.
Quace replaced the boys hand and used the
same gentle lift on Kyler's blond head. The
boy looked at him through tear stained eyes,
tears rolling down his face. "P-please
don't let him d-die, Quace." he pleaded.
Quace felt the tears welling in his own eyes,
but choked them back. Looking deep into Kyler's
eyes he smiled at the boy. "He is not
dead honey. He is in a deep coma, but he
is not dead. In a few days time, the two
of you will be driving me crazy with your
tales of boyhood escapades. I promise."
For a moment, Kyler was lost in Quace's eyes,
unsure as to where to go, but he trusted
this man and if Quace said that Ari was alive,
then it must be true. In best russian bbs pussy
typical boyish manner,
he wiped his eyes on his sleeve again, eliciting
a smile from Quace.
"You were very brave when you climbed
up through that hole back there." he
jerked his thumb back towards the rough opening.
"What I need you to do now, is get back
on Thor so that you can store up more of
that bravery for when I need it again. Deal?"
As if on cue, Thor was behind the boy awaiting
the his mount.
"Okay." Kyler offered with a half
smile. He turned sweet bbs and gently climbed onto
the cat.
The boy called Ari was dressed in the same
light blue jumpsuit as Kyler, and was equally
beautiful to Quace. He had platinum blond
hair and a set of dimples that matched those
of his youngest son. Quace knew that if this
boy should awaken and begin to blowjob barely legal bbs
talk, that
he would be captivated by tiny tits jp bbs the way these dimples
would twist fresh girls bbs his lips into a cute form. He
remembered back to a time when Ty would talk
his ear off about his boyish exploits aboard
ship. He was fascinated by the way the small
mouth would form words. He had never given
much thought as to the why's of his attention
to that little detail, but somehow he knew
that with Ari, it would be a sensual attention
to that same detail.
Scooping Ari into his arms, he advanced on
the door, Thor right behind him. Drawing
the solar pistol from his jacket, he slowly
turned the knob. It was a fifty-fifty shot
that he would be met with resistance but
he was as prepared for it as he would ever
be. He had located the second boy and he
no longer enjoyed the luxury of anonymity.
Gaston was aware of his presence now and
he would be pulling out all the stops in
an effort to prevent him from rescuing the
remaining two boys. Even if he was successful
in real teen bbs his attempt to find the them, their method
of escape had never been discussed, but that
issue would be addressed immediately upon
the need to do so and Quace was confident
in his ability to finish this mission. He
had found a new lease on life and it had
yanked him from the depths of despair. He
was doing something more accustomed to his
abilities now. gateway japan bbs He was thinking on his feet
and the future of the entire GenStar Project
seemed to be riding on the decisions made
here and now. For these reasons, the door
was not opened with wild abandon, but rather
a sense of urgency.
No form of resistance was awaiting on the
other side of the door, but the dimensional
effect that Dingo had talked about earlier
was in full swing.
He was staring down the length of what appeared
to be a ships corridor. Rich mahogany panelling
adorned the length of each wall and paintings
of various seascapes were geometrically hung,
accenting the look of the ruse. For a brief
moment, Quace felt as though he were exiting
his stateroom on board the Queen Mary or
some other such ship. Twin polished brass
handrails ran the length of the corridor,
completing the scene.
Quace stepped into the hall cautiously, his
senses heightened to the possibility of ambush
and his arm wrapped protectively around the
unconscious form of the boy in his arms.
Thor followed, Kyler securely wrapped around
Ten feet into the hallway, the door slammed
suddenly behind them.
Refusing to be drawn into a battle of psychological
wills, Quace turned his head slowly in the
direction from which they had just come.
He was greeted with what appeared to be nothing
more than one more stateroom door, with one
Emblazoned on the door of this stateroom
door was the number 666.
Apparently, Gaston was turning up the heat
and the second day was almost over. Quace
felt as though he were a major player in
a bizarre video game, being played for the
sole amusement of the user. The appearance
of the cybots and the 666 on the door told
him that he had reached the next level and
the game would do nothing but increase in
it's intensity.
Suddenly, an lola bbs cp explosion ripped through the
corridor, throwing the foursome to the carpeted
floor. In a reflexive move, Quace took the
brunt of the fall, protecting the small boy
in his arms. A brief flash of pain stabbed
at him, then passed as he glanced back at
Thor. For the most part, the large cat had
managed the explosion well, he too, using
his russian illegal bbs body to shield Kyler.
"Attention! Attention!" a loudspeaker
boomed through the corridor. "The ship
has been hit by a torpedo and we are taking
on water in bbs teenmodels large quantity."
Quace braced himself for further explosions
and stood, the free lola bbs
boy in his arms suddenly becoming
"Captain Quace, please report to the
bridge at once." the loudspeaker boomed.
"Leave those less fortunate below decks
where they can be aided by those of a like
mind. Your experience is desperately needed
on the bridge."
For the first time since arriving on this
madman's ship, Quace exploded at the one
responsible for lo bbs elwebb
this weird gameplay. "I
am going to accomplish that which I have
set out to petite bbs teenager do and then I am going to locate
the bridge and take it out of commission
entirely!" he screamed at the loudspeaker.
He took a few steps and another explosion
rocked the corridor, dropping him to his
"Duly noted, Captain Quace. You are
hereby relieved of command." the loudspeaker
squawked in response.
On his feet again, lola archive bbs Quace turned to check
on the status of Thor and Kyler. The panther
was weathering this new development as well
as could be expected, but Kyler had glued
himself to Thor like a second skin. Just
beyond the two of them the door to stateroom
666 had been buried in rubble. Suddenly,
pursuit by the cybots was no longer an issue
for Quace. He turned to face the slightly
tilted corridor ahead of him and braced himself
for the newest threat. He didn't wait long.
An explosion just in front of him, ripped
through the hallway, erotic images bbs
a hailstorm of debris
pelting him, followed by a thick cloud of
smoke that rolled towards them. Both Quace
and Thor were on the boylover pics bbs floor at the sound of
the explosion, their charges effectively
shielded from harm so the smoke was less
of a problem than it could have been.
As the smoke begin to dissipate, Quace raised
his head to survey the scene. If this was
the second level of gameplay, than the remaining
levels would be sure to test free little girls bbs
his reserve.
A ten foot section of the floor was gone
and several tongues of flame licked at each
As the lead engineer on the GenStar Project,
Quace had been forced to deal with those
overlooked incidentals that required immediate
attention, but had somehow been bypassed
by the designers and architects of the project.
His quick mind and the ability to embrace
these sudden obstacles had made him a natural
for the job. For a brief moment he wondered
if that had been the reasoning behind his
selection for this mission. Krost and the
Committee must have known the potential threat
posed by Gaston. Armed with that information,
they would have accessed the computer files
in order to locate the best recruit for the
job. Quace couldn't imagine being the sole
entry on the initial list, so the Committee
would have had to eliminate other potentials,
until they had whittled their way down to
Under other circumstances, this would have
upset Quace and he would have voiced his
discomfort to sex bbs xxx the Committee, arguing that
he was a family man and that his specialties
were best performed in a far less hostile
environment. But he had not been in a bargaining
position, lying in a hospital bed battered
and bruised, his family slaughtered and himself
accused. This offer had not been issued as
an ultimatum, but placed a very close second.
It was this ability to reason through overwhelming
odds, that forced him to assess the situation
with urgency. In a matter of moments, he
had formulated a plan.
Setting Ari on the floor next to Thor, Quace
turned to face the scene of the disaster.
Gripping the brass on the wall to his left,
he yanked at it. One by one, in a domino
effect, the bolts holding the handrail to
the wall popped themselves from the wall
and soon the rail was completely free and
lying on the other side of the chasm created
by the explosion. Dropping his end, he moved
to the right side of the corridor and repeated
the process with the second handrail. It
too, was soon free of it's restraints.
Working quickly, Quace rolled each of the
handrails into the center of the chasm so
that they were spaced about a foot apart.
He had formed a makeshift. Looking down at
his handiwork, he vividly remembered the
last time he had crossed a bridge and how
close he had come to failure. This bridge
was even less stable than the last, but his
options had run out. This pitiful excuse
for a bridge was the only means of escape
for them. One mistake and it would all be
over bbs sex picture for the offender.
Quace turned and lifted Ari into his arms
again. Thor was there immediately, the look
in his eyes, telling Quace that he understood
the plan of action.
"I'll cross and set Ari on the other
side, then recross to take Kyler. You can
follow right on my heels if bbs ls serie teen
you are so inclined."
"I don't believe that time will allow
us that luxury, my friend. Leaving Ari on
the other side could be a mistake in itself.
Recrossing will consume valuable time and
the price may be a life. Besides, the brass
is already heating and will continue to weaken
under the added weight and another explosion
lies in wait to claim those foolish enough
to wait. You take Ari across and I will follow
with Kyler."
Quace wanted to argue but knew that Thor
was right and wasting time arguing an academic
point would most certainly kill them all.
Without a word, he turned and stepped out
onto the rails. Like a tightrope walker afforded
the luxury of two ropes rather Little model bbs
than one,
he began to take rapid but deliberate steps.
The tongues of flame snarled at him as he
reached the center of the chasm, increasing
in intensity, the heat singing the cuffs
of his jeans.
Bracing himself for the explosion that never
came, he finally set foot on the other side.
Immediately, he turned to notice Thor almost
halfway across. The heat must have been almost
unbearable for the big cat and Quace knew
that he would need to find another stalk
of the medicinal plant he had offered Kyler
the night before. Thor would need it.
Kyler did not cry out, preferring to glue
himself to the panther, his face still buried
in the mane of the large animal.
Suddenly, Thor crouched and leaped into the
air, just as an explosion ripped into the
far side of the corridor. With a groan of
protest, the two brass rails relented to
the heated assault, snapping in the center
and pitching into the flaming chasm below.
Thor landed with a sickening thud, breaking
Kyler's hold and tossing the boy onto the
carpeted floor. Kyler rolled into the bulkhead
and lay still for a moment. Suddenly, he
stood and looked over at Quace, a slight
smile forming on his lips.
"I stored up that bravery, models petite bbs
just like
you said Quace." his smile grew wider.
Relief at the boy's safety turned to concern
for Thor. The bbs cartoons panther lay unmoving, his chest
heaving rapidly.
Quace ran to him, kneeling at his side.
Slowly, Thor opened his eyes. "I mentioned
earlier that I had a problem with water,
did I not?" he asked.
"You did." replied Quace simply.
"I'd like to add fire to that list,
if I may." the panther telepathed back,
the twinkle returning to his eyes.
Quace fell on his ass and roared with laughter,
Ari still wrapped bbs german sex in his arms. The situation
had seemed so serious not less than twenty
seconds ago and Thor had managed to snap
the tension with a simple statement. The
laughter felt good, given the events of the
last few days.
"You may." he said upon recovering.
Whereas the laughter was a welcome relief,
their situation in general had not changed.
They still needed to find the remaining two
boys and the fatigue of the last few hours
were beginning to take it's toll. Daylight
was waning and they would need to find shelter
for the coming night. They all needed rest
and a chance to regroup and Quace wanted
to look over Ari for any signs of injury
or condition that might require critical
medical attention.
Another explosion rocked the corridor and
it began to take on an unhealthy list. On
wobbly legs, Quace stood and snatched his
solar pistol from the tilting floor. In one
fluid motion, he turned to stateroom 666
and fired off a series of blasts at the ceiling.
Any remaining 3d cartoon bbs traces of the room that was
666 disappeared under the debris that avalanched
downward, obliterating the first half of
the chasm.
"Let's find a different room, shall
we?" he said to Thor who nodded his
approval and lumbered over towards Kyler.
Quace studied the boy as he mounted the cat
and assumed a position that he had become
comfortable with. He felt his heart swell
with pride at the way the boy had weathered
this latest tempest and smiled inwardly at
the mention of his storing up the bravery.
He would talk with Kyler tonight, when they
had settled down and tell him just how proud
of him he was.
For now, he turned his attention to the bend
in the corridor. Whatever lay in store for
them ahead, would be met with the same resilience
that he had shown thus far, that much was
sure. But he was beginning to tire and he
was concerned for Kyler and the stress factor
as top bbs kiddy it applied to the boy. He would recover
from any physical wounds he may have inflicted,
but the emotional scars were something different
altogether. So far, he was exhibiting no
signs of psychological wear, but if each
level of this bizarre journey was to increase
in intensity, than he might begin to break
down and this concerned Quace. He would meet
each encounter head on and do his best to
eliminate each threat, but he felt helpless
when it came to the emotional battle being
fought in the boy's mind. He wanted to climb
inside and beat back the demons as they approached,
but his inability to do so left him feeling
empty and useless. He resigned himself to
the fact that he would fight that battle
after returning all four of these boy's to
Conastoga One. Failure to pay attention to
any detail in this madhouse could get him
killed and the battle for Kyler's mind would
be academic for him.
Shaking these thoughts from his head, he
shoved the solar pistol into his pocket and
lifted Ari into his arms. The corridor begin
to tilt even more, as if to prevent him from
Both man and panther struggled with their
burdens, maneuvering the tilting hallway
as vividly painted seascapes fell from their
hooks and crashed around them.
Finally reaching the bend, Quace cautiously
peered around to find a shorter hallway which
ended with a door.
Emblazoned on the door was the number 666.
"Just great!" Quace mumbled as
he started for the door. Going back was out
of the question and the number on the door
did nothing to settle his mind. The only
way to go was forward. As quickly as he could,
he advanced on the door, Thor directly behind
him. With a sense of urgency, he turned the
knob puffy teenage tits bbs and the door opened inward, the flickering
light from the tilting hallway spilling into
the room beyond. From what Quace could tell,
the room looked like a bunkroom on a submarine.
Three narrow bunks were bolted to the wall
on each side, stacked like bunkbeds. In the
center of the floor was a hatch like those
used on submarines to secure the vessel from
the onslaught of the sea. The room was not
tilting at all, but the corridor was becoming
dangerously unstable. Quace stepped into
the room and ushered Thor inside. For a brief
moment, Quace stood safely ensconced in the
room and watched, transfixed as he witnessed
the hallway flip completely upside-down,
as if he were watching the S.S. Posiedon
be hit by the tidal wave that had swamped
With a sense of finality, Quace slammed the
"May I recommend that we spend the night
here." Thor offered as Kyler climbed
from his back model nude bbs and hobbled towards one of
the bunks.
Setting Ari on the bunk opposite Kyler, Quace
sat between the boys, while Thor plopped
himself down at the head of Kyler's bunk.
"I can't argue with that." he replied,
the exhaustion finally catching up with him.
"I'm hungry." Kyler piped up.
Up until the boy spoke, Quace had not given
much thought to eating. He had been preoccupied
with saving them all from this prison maze.
But now, he realized just how hungry he truly
"Let's see what we've got here."
he said, removing Dingo's rucksack from his
back. Rummaging through a pocket, he produced
a neatly wrapped bundle of jerky and dispensed
among the image bbs bdsm three of them. Ari was still unconscious
and Quace attempted to awaken him by waving
a slab of the preserved meat in front of
the boy's nose to no avail. Cupping the boy's
wrist, he felt for a pulse and found it to
be slightly stronger than before. Eventually
the boy would come too and Quace would be
there waiting for him when he did. He returned
the remainder of the jerky to the pocket
of the rucksack and bit into the slice that
he had set aside for himself. The slightly
salted meat tasted good and he refrained
from wolfing it down, choosing instead to
savor each bite.
Thor insisted that he was not hungry and
refused any of the jerky, but Kyler hungrily
devoured the two slices Quace had given him.
Quace smiled at the boy's appetite ls guestbook bbs and silently
vowed to keep the demons of emotional scarring
from attacking this precious boy.
Kyler settled into the bunk that he had chosen
and yawned. Quace shuffled over to him and
leaned into his ear. "You were a very
brave boy today and I want you to know how
very proud of you I am." he whispered.
He kissed the boy on the nose.
"I love you Quace." the boy replied,
then turned his head away and closed his
eyes. Moments later, he drifted off to sleep.
In his world, the worst was over for the
day and exhaustion demanded that he sleep
for the night so art young bbs that could awaken the next
morning and face new challenges with Quace
there to keep himself and Ari from harm.
"I want to thank you for all you've
done so far." Quace said to Thor, turning
to face the cat who had hunkered down by
the doorway they had just entered through.
"You have proven to be a worthy adversary
to Gaston and that makes it easy for me to
follow your lead. No thanks is required.
The way you treat the boys is unique and
therefore merits my assistance." the
panther replied.
No further words were spoken between them.
Each of them sat lost in their own thoughts.
Soon, Quace crawled into the bunk elwebbs galleries alongside
Kyler and closed his eyes.
Eventually, sleep overtook him and put the
second day behind him.

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