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1998 23:11:11 PDT
From: Rik Jacobsen
Subject: Making Love to MarciaMaking Love to Marcia
by Riki JacobsenPlease e-mail and let me rompl galleries know what you think of the story. Readers have
asked me if the Riki and the nun stories are true. Yes, they are.This event took place on rompl art top the same day in April when Riki and Kate
(Sister Michael John) got back baby rompl together.
"Its getting late Riki, you're going to need to start for home."
"I'm not going."
"You're not going? What are you going to tell your parents? They will
worry and ask lots of questions."
"I'm going to call rompl sites them and tell them that we have so much rompl ru
to catch up
on that I am going to stay here tonight so we can talk. I think I can
talk rompl baby 12yo mom into calling me in sick tomorrow. I haven't missed a day all
semester. Its you, Sister Michael John. How can she say no?"
Mom said yes after she got over being surprised that I had bumped into
Sister Michael John. "Please say hello for your father and I. Drive
carefully tomorrow and be baby porn rompl home before dark."
"Would you like a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, Riki?"
"You really have left the habit behind," I joked. "Yes, that would be
We both changed and she asked if I was hungry. I was, so we went
downstairs for sandwiches. I sat on the cupboard in the kitchen while
she fixed two sandwiches. "Do you like mayonnaise on your sandwich?"
"No, I do mustard."
"That's something I didn't know about you. rompl message I'll bet there are hundreds
of more things I could learn. For starters, what was going on between
you and Marcia?"
She handed me the sandwiches, grabbed two sodas, and a ls rompl forum bag of chips and
we went back into the living room baby rompl topsites and rompl flower sat on the sofa.
"Tell me about Marcia."
I took a bite out of my sandwich deliberately so I wouldn't have to
talk right away. I felt funny about having any type of relationship
with someone else. I felt like I had cheated on Sister. I guess she
understood my hesitation because she said, " parent directory rompl I was gone Riki. Whatever
you did with someone other than me is okay."
"Well, after you left and we moved, I got really depressed. I tried to
make friends at my new school, but everything was so different that it
felt weird. It was a public school. You weren't free tgp rompl there. bd rompl vombat I just
couldn't get used to it. I wasn't rompl free
eating. I couldn't sleep. Most
nights I would lay in my bed and cry. I was so lonely for you, for your
body rompl kp that I ached deep inside. I still had your panties, and I would
take them to rompl pics jpg links bed and try to get myself off, rompl mpg but I was so dry. Nothing
happened. My folks got pretty worried about me. They tried to cheer me
up. They gave me pep talks about how I had to adjust to changes,
because dark collection rompl info they are part of life. olga rompl I didn't want to feel so bad, I just
couldn't make myself get over you. You didn't write. I couldn't call.
It was like you died, and I rompl sucking wanted to die too."
"Riki, I'm so sorry. I just couldn't..."
"I know. I know that you couldn't make contact. I knew that then, but
it didn't make any difference. Mom and dad lol pop rompl com
were really worried. nude rompl pics
though I was just sixteen, they told me that I could use the car and go
back to our old town and spend some time with my old friends. They
thought binaries rompl art romple
this would make me feel better. I wanted to go back so I could
visit some of our places, especially the bell tower. I called Marcia
and I asked her if I could come and visit baby pics rompl for the weekend. She was
thrilled. rompl dark lo We were nude rompl portal good friends and she rompl kinder missed me. I didn't tell her
that I romple net
only missed you."
"Driving into town gave me this pain in my chest. I couldn't hardly
breathe it hurt so much. When I stopped in front of baby rompl pic the school, I sat
in the car and cried for a long time. I finally pulled myself together
and went to Marcia's house. She had lots of plans for us and some of
the old rompl pre lo
friends. She hugged thumbs rompl me and told me she had missed me. I really
tried to maxwell rompl be more cheerful. Marcia was still cute. She still had those
pouty lips that were so tempting. She laughed and giggled and I got
caught up free nude rompl pics in it some. My folks were right. It was good for me to see
my old friends."
I sven place rompl took a drink of my soda. "I'm sorry to say that as much as I loved
you, I was turned on by small rompl
Marcia. She had filled out and had nice breasts
and I wanted to have sex with her. rompl incest I didn't really think that would
happen, but the thought of it was filling my mind. That first night,
after we got home from the movies rompl sex pics and pizza with our friends, Marcia and
I got to talking about kissing. She told me that she hadn't rompl portal kissed a
boy yet, but that she really wanted to kiss Kevin. top rompl sites Marcia was afraid
that she wouldn't know how to kiss, and that somehow everyone at school
would find out and laugh at her."
"With those asien rompl
lips, she wouldn't rompl kids have baby romple any problem being fun to kiss,"
observed Kate.
"That's what I thought, but I didn't say that to Marcia. baby rompl porno
I was on romple kids
make and girlz rompl instead I was really sympathetic and understanding. art rompl pics I romple girls told
her that kissing was an easy thing to do, and that it came really
naturally. She wanted to know if I'd kissed any boys. cazy lol rompl
I just told her
that I'd been kissed a time or two and that it was something a person sex rompl

could learn. Then I offered to teach her. At first she was really shy
and giggly, but she let me kiss her. rompl net Those lips were so very soft. rompl jpg I
could have just melted into them, but I knew I couldn't rush it. I
kissed her once really softly. We only touched lips, no other part of
our bodies. Then I slid closer to dutch baby rompl her on her bed, and put my hands on
her shoulders, pulled her closer, and kissed her again, still softly,
but pussy baby romple free I let my lips c p rompl stay on hers for several seconds. She didn't pull
away, so I scooted even closer, took her in my arms, and nude rompl really kissed
her. It was a soft, but long kiss, and I let my tongue lightly brush
her lips. Marcia said that I was a really good kisser, and I thought
you haven't felt anything yet. I held her close, pressed my lips
urgently against hers, and used my tongue to open her mouth so that my hairy rompl
tongue could slide in and explore the inside. She kissed me back. She
put her tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it and didn't let her go.
She didn't try to pull away, so we kissed like that for a long time."
"I told her that there was something else she needed to learn and she
said `Sure, anything.' "
"I baby romple pics got up, walked to the door, turned the lock, and shut off the
lights. vombat gallery rompl The street light gave me enough light to see what was going
on. I told Marcia to take off her shoes and jeans and lay beside me romple baby pics on
her bed. She did and ls rompl
we stretched out beside each other great rompl ls on her bed. baby romple pussy I
pulled her close to me rompl schoolgirls and gave her an open mouth kiss, sliding my
tongue deep into her mouth and exploring every part of it. Marcia was
getting turned on. Her kisses were getting hot and wet. baby rompl top She moaned,
"Oh Riki!" I rolled her over on her back and I put my hand over her
breast. She kids rompl pics let out baby rompl illegal a little squeak, and said something like, oh yes.
I rubbed and kneaded her breast and we continued to kiss. I took her
nipple rompl baby pics in my two fingers and pinched it and she squealed again. rompl ls magazine Her
moans and other sounds told me that Marcia and I were going to go all
the way. video rompl I was so hot that I didn't care that it wasn't you."
"Do you want to hear the kiddy rompl rest?" Kate was curled vombat pics rompl up into a rompl dark
ball with
her head resting on the back of the sofa. There were tears in her eyes.
"Do you want to tell me?" she asked wiping away tears.
"I'm not trying to hurt you, it just feels like I am making my
"Go one, Riki. Tell me the rest then."
I stuck my hand up under Marcia's blouse and pushed her bra up over her
breasts. Still kissing her, I made direct skin to skin contact with her
breast. She free romple
was wiggling romple
russian rompl
and moving, moaning and asking for more, so I
pushed he blouse out u 16 rompl of the way, pulled away from her lips, and took her
breast into my mouth. We both gasped. I was wild. I was devouring her
breast, first one and then the tiny dark alfa rompl other, I sucked hungrily at her nipples,
taking them in my teeth and letting my tongue play with the very end.
She was almost crying. I sat up and quickly shed my own clothes and
pulled her blouse and bra kid romple
completely off of her. She was just lolkaz rompl in her
panties which I top kid romplbaby rompl pics porn had to peal away from her wet girls rompl
pussy. Once we were both
naked, I went back to sucking on her breasts. rompl pre I let my hand slide down
her belly and cup art rompl list her baby rompl pics nude hot little pussy. I used the heel of my hand to
rub her in a hard, circular pressure, that I knew would stimulate her
clit. She was out of it. She was pretty much saying the same things
over and over so I asked her, `Marcia, do you want me to fuck you now?'
"Of course she said yes, so rompl baby pics 12yo I pushed two fingers deep baby rompl links
into her slippery
cunt. She was so tight on my fingers that I switched to just japan baby rompl one, and
slid it in and out, loosening her up. She gave every indication that
she was loving it, so I put the second finger back into her and let my
thumb find her clit. When I first touched it she squealed romple lolas nude romple loud enough
to wake the entire house. vombat rompl I told her to cover her mouth with a hand,
and she stuck her fist into it. "
"I turned my attentions back to her cunt and started pumping my
fingers, driving them deeper and deeper into her. My thumb was applying
a circular motion to her cunt and I could feel her clit start to spasm.
I worked harder and faster. She started to stiffen and she squeezed her
legs tight on my hand and then tiny pink rompl
she had rompl nudist her first orgasm. illegal rompl porn When her cunt
stopped spasming, she began trembling so I crawled up next to rompl xxx portal
her rape sex rompl
held her very tightly. Marcia was crying, but free rompl tgp telling me how wonderful
it was. I let my thoughts drift away and in my mind I was free rompl clips holding you."
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